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brand awerness

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brand awerness

  1. 1. What is brand awareness ?
  2. 2. INTRODUCTIONIt is said that in the last ten years the fashion industry in India has movedfrom a very nascent stage to a full fledged booming industry. The value ofthe apparel market in India is estimated at around ` 20, 000 crore. Thebranded apparel markets size is ` 5, 000 crore which is a quarter of the totalshare. The apparel market is India is categorized into branded and nonbranded. The Top Apparel Brands in India are Madura Garments, ArvindMills, Provogue Zodiac Clothing, and Raymonds. Apart from these brandsIndia over the years has given birth to some of the finest designers whohave become famous brands not only in the country but in the world. Theintroduction of a number of designers in the fashion industry has given afurther boost to the Indian fashion industry. According to recent researchconducted by the (FDCI)Fashion Design Council of India apparels created bydesigners in India is going to play a major role in the growth of the apparelindustry in the next few years. Currently the Indian fashion designerindustry stands at ` 180 crore and is expected to grow to ` 1, 000 crorewithin the next decade.
  3. 3. Research MethodologyResearch is the systematic investigation into existing ornew knowledge. It is used to establish or confirm facts,solve new or existing problems, support theorems, ordevelop new theories.Type of research Descriptive vs. Analytical Applied vs. Fundamental Quantitative vs. Qualitative Conceptual vs. Empirical
  4. 4. My research is of analytical type because here in this report Iam trying to analyze the perception of consumer on brandawareness. In my research I have collected the Primary data throughQuestionnaires.SAMPLE SIZE – 15The type of sampling technique used in my research isCONVINIENCE SAMPLING.
  5. 5. Objectives of the studyThe purpose of this research is to explore the decision-makingprocess of young urban Indian consumers,•To understand what is important to young Indian consumerswhen purchasing apparel,•To explore their experiences with apparel brands,•To investigate their perceptions of foreign apparel brands, and•To examine their use of branded apparel in the expression of theself.
  6. 6. DATA ANYLAYSIS What is the first company that comes in your mind when you think aboutbranded clothes? Levi’s Lee Total 13 2 15 Lee Levi’s 0 5 10 15Interpretation: In the above diagram Levi’s is more popular than any other brand,it stuck in people’s mind and where lee holds 2nd position.
  7. 7. Continue…… Rank the attribute which is most important for you when you choose a product ? Quality Ranked 1st Brand image Ranked 2nd Interpretation: Out of 15 people survey, people gave rank 1st to quality where brand image holds 2nd rank.. What are the sources of product brand information? family TV adds Peers website Others Total 0 12 3 0 0 15 Others website Peers TV adds family 0 2 4 6 8 10 12 Interpretation: In the above diagram out of 15 people survey they get information through TV. Advertisements and others get by peers.
  8. 8. CONCLUSIONBRAND enhances the personality of a person. In Jaipur, people associate brand withthe quality of product,style and its design. In return, they expect the branded product to provide themrecognition, satisfaction and value for the money invested. Survey depicts thatthere is a relationship between the consumer’s income and the satisfaction derivedfrom a purchased product.People are price sensitive and the final selectionor rejection of the good depends on price/budget of the buyer.comfort and brand image are key motivators for purchasing branded garments.From the brand aware people,•Quality is the biggest influencer for decisions on purchasing.
  9. 9. Hypothesis based on research objectives the following research hypothesesare formulated:1. Null Hypothesis: - The null hypothesis typically corresponds to a general ordefault position. Null hypothesis can never be proven. A set of data canonly reject a null hypothesis or fail to reject it.H Alternative Hypothesis- The hypothesis which is accepted when the nullhypothesis has been rejected is called the alternative hypothesis. It is denotedby H1•Hypothesis (H1): customers are not satisfied with brand quality.•Hypothesis (H2): - the customers do not think that with increase in income,people become more brand conscious.•Hypothesis (H3): - The customers are not satisfied with the prices of thebranded products.•Hypothesis (H4): - Quality and peers does not affect buying behavior of acustomer.•Hypothesis (H5): - Brand image does not force any customer to buy thatparticular brand.

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