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Global Journalist Research - what they love and loathe around the world

Unveiled at ThinkVisibility 2013 conference in the UK.

International digital media and public relations agency 10 Yetis has unveiled what it thinks is the largest piece of research into what journalists love and like.
Over 2,600 journalists from France, the UK, America and Germany took part in the research that was carried out between 10th January 2013 and 22nd February 2013.The largest proportion of journalists that took part worked for the biggest media outlets in each territory.

We undertook the research as we have clients in each of the territories and we wanted to understand how we could improve upon our existing communication strategies in each of the areas.

We asked the same 11 questions to journalists from each country that ranged from how they research stories and what their biggest daily pressures are right through to the ways in which they want to be sent images and where they turn to when looking for more information on companies.

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Global Journalist Research - what they love and loathe around the world

  1. 1. Likes, Loves andLoathes of Journalistsin the UK,France, Germany andUSA
  2. 2. Co-Founder 10 Yetis we work,,, WaterAid, TotalJobs, IKEA Family Mobile,, Tribewanted, etc etc… You get the gistwe are partnered with: Bronco – The unstoppable SEO machine
  3. 3. Thanks forcomingalong.Questionsat the end. #PROr, Tweet mequestions Talksusing hashtag: Hit
  4. 4. We spoke to #PrTalksHitover 2600 hacksfrom around theworld Seems loads, but just 1.4% of all journosThis means 98.6% ignored us.HASHTAG SADFACEPIC: WikiPEDIA
  5. 5. #PrTalksHitResults brokendown into territoryand type of Biggest majorityjournalist in each country was big ticket national mediaWho got involved?
  6. 6. #PrTalksHitMetro, Daily Mail, TheGuardian, USAToday, Washington Post, Wired(USA), Wall StJournal, FAZ, Bild, DPA, DieWelt, Elle, Le Parisien, LeFigaro, RelaxNews, PA, Stern, AOLNews, Focus, DieZeit,, Chip
  7. 7. #PrTalksHitThe results: 1Volume of work each day:UK & DE journalists work thehardest 87% of US Media only has to write¼ of UK Media 3 articles per dayhas to write 7+articles per day
  8. 8. #PrTalksHitThe results: 2How do they find stories? Press releasesWires are dead still the most(apart from PA) effective toolInfluence ofsocial mediaexaggerated
  9. 9. #PrTalksHitThe results: 3Do you use Twitter to find stories? 75% of UK Media use Twitter toGerman media find storiesdistrusts Twitter!Over 80% don’t USA media isuse indifferent to Twitter
  10. 10. #PrTalksHitThe results: 4Does Twitter help you researchstories? 70% of UK & German mediaFrench media use Twitter tohates Twitter! research storiesOver 80% don’ttrust for research USA is still “meh”
  11. 11. #PrTalksHitThe results: 5 Wikipedia - the truth is out there91% of ZeeGerman* national 82% of UK*media use national mediaWikipedia use WikipediaAmerican* media leastreliant, just 65%, French* 71%*CAVEAT
  12. 12. #PrTalksHitThe results: 6How do you find further brandinfo? Press office #1 across the boardBlogs alive! At – duh!least 10% said WTF? FacebookCompany Blog got 15% or aboveacross the in US, FR, DE!board
  13. 13. #PrTalksHitThe results: 7 What is your biggest pressure?51% of US saidvolume of work. 28% of USWTF? They have saidleast to do. promoting & gettingAt least 20% said “Harassment comments.from PRs”, DE, USA, UK.
  14. 14. #PrTalksHitThe results: 7 - continued Comments from journos40% of 45% ofcomments on comments onharassment in harassment inUK & USA = UK & USA = linkrelease calls. calls – SEO & PR pplSEOs offering to buylinks on first date
  15. 15. #PrTalksHitThe results: 8 Are PRs getting better?Hell No, in Hell YES, in ZeeUS, FR & UK Germany onlyHASHTAG 38% said NoSADFACE HASHTAG WUNDERBAR44% of French said“don’t know”HASHTAG CHICKENS
  16. 16. #PrTalksHitThe results: 9 Biggest press release turn-off? At least 20%25% or above in said “poorFR, US, DE said: spellping &“Reads like an grama*” inarticle” UK, FR, USA30% said“not quick enough tothe point” across the board*comedy GOLD
  17. 17. The results: 9 #PrTalksHit How do y’all wanna get images? 100%At least 45% mentionedsaid “thumbnail Dropbox orattachment” YouSendItFlickr appears to beDEAD 41% in DE said “link on host site”
  18. 18. 10 Crack Commandments 2.01. Treble proof your work for spelling and grammar mistakes (mad considering this is PR101)2. Make sure your contact details are clearly visible in releases and on your website press section (PR101)3. Send your press release in the main body of an email and not as an attachment4. Stop relying on wires (with the exception of national wires)5. Try and communicate that you can help media promote a clients story to increase views and comments (risky)#PrTalksHit
  19. 19. 10 Crack Commandments 2.06. Don’t rely on Twitter pitches for securing coverage in mainland Europe (fine for UK and America)7. Make sure that your company profile is up to date and free from nonsense on Wikipedia8. Company blogging is not dead, keep it fresh and up to date9. Don’t ask to buy links (on your first date)10.Don’t write your release like a pre-prepared article = bad#PrTalksHit
  20. 20. Tanks very much… #PrTalksHit Who did the real work?@emmalouisekent@frenchieVSlizie@stina_eakins@GermanYeti@GoodAndBadPR Abuse & Comments @10Yetis || 01452 348211 ||