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Make the most of a polarizing brand


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Make the most of a polarizing brand

Published in: Marketing
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Make the most of a polarizing brand

  1. 1. Make the Most of a Polarizing Brand
  2. 2. Polarizing Brand
  3. 3. brand dispersi on that measures polarization.
  4. 4. EXAMPLES
  5. 5. Capitalizin g on Polarizati on Consumers who hate your brand can be a good thing.
  6. 6. try to change the haters’ minds.
  7. 7. Betty Crocker brand Example:
  8. 8. Poke the haters. Intentionally antagonizing brand detractors.
  9. 9. Ryanair, a pioneering European discount airline Made their travel conditions worse to
  10. 10. Amplify a attribute. To create new products that amplify the point of differentiation
  11. 11. Marmite Launches Marmite XO Example:
  12. 12. Creating Polarization introduce polarization in order to
  13. 13. Drive a wedge in the market. Target a specific consumer segment.
  14. 14. Cider Strongbow “Bowtime: Hard Earned” Example:
  15. 15. Launch a provocative AD. Running ads all but designed to turn off a certain share of viewers.
  16. 16. Progressive Insurance “I hate Flo” Example:
  17. 17. Indian Scene of Polarizing Brand
  18. 18. BALAJI TELEFILMS is an Indian company owned by actor Jeetendra, which produces Indian soap operas, reality TV, comedy, game shows, entertainment and factual programming in several Indian languages.
  19. 19. It is THE most criticized yet loved Soap Operas producing studios.
  20. 20. Major productions include Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi Kahaani Ghar Ghar Kii Kasautii Zindagii Kay
  21. 21. It’s production have always been criticized for their never ending storyline and drama.
  22. 22. This has made it’s negative image in the young age viewers of age group 15-30.
  23. 23. But, it has it’s core viewer segment in the home maker women.
  24. 24. It continues to portray mostly family drama and sensitive family relations in it’s productions with caters to it’s CORE AUDIENCE.
  25. 25. This has made it’s productions one of the longest and most successful T.V series of all time.
  26. 26. How can we ever forget these?
  27. 27. BALAJAI TELEFILMS is a prime example of how to exploit the polarization of your brand and cater to your core audience for high TRPs.
  28. 28. Conclusion
  29. 29. Managers should avoid relying on averages Fueled by social media, pockets of haters can quickly develop and spread, even for brands that once enjoyed uniform appeal.
  30. 30. Thank You.
  31. 31. DISCLAIMER Created by Divij Chopra, NIT Jaipur, during an internship by Prof. Sameer Mathur, IIM Lucknow.