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Font & title planning


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Font & title planning

  1. 1. FONT & TITLE PLANNING By Joseph Brown
  2. 2. INSPIRATION  Halloween 2009 The font is broken, mauled and serif.This reflects the blood in the slasher OTS by the colour but also mimics old and degrading which I believe may be perfect for our OTS, gives a eerie effect.
  3. 3. INSPIRATION  Walking Dead This font is serif, old, degraded, I believe this may suit ours perfectly, the improvised murder or messy murder of a teenager but with the simplicity and refinement which looks professional.
  5. 5. DRAFT 1 We used ‘GAZ’ in our draft 1, we thought it was very emblematic of our slasher at first, but upon further refinement and watching we realised that it looked very unprofessional and sketchy, we soon realised a more simplistic font would suit our subgenre much better. However, the white colour used looks professional and we believe we will keep this throughout.
  6. 6. DRAFT 2, 3, 4 Throughout our next drafts we used ‘BASICTITLE FONT’ which we realised was perfect. It looks professional and refined, and gives an eerier feeling with transitions added to it.The white contrasted easily with the dark background and made it very easy to read, we realised we looked over this when we first looked at fonts but then came back across it after confirming what we wanted.