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2020 Social Decoding Employee Communities


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Slides from the 2020 Social workshop on Decoding Employee Communities.

This deck has been used for the following workshops:

- Talk at CII Connect Coimbatore 2010.

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- March 2010

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2020 Social Decoding Employee Communities

  1. 1. Decoding Employee Communities 2020 Social: Because Business is Social @gauravonomics @evansdave @gautamghosh @ksarda
  2. 2. Decoding Social
  3. 3. World Map of Social Media Source:
  4. 4. Social Platforms in India 40 34.2 35 30 24.4 25 19.6 20 15.5 15 10.9 10.3 10 8.5 5 2.9 2.2 1.7 1.3 0 Orkut Yahoo GMail Google YouTube Flickr Blogger LinkedIn Wordpress Twitter Facebook Source: Monthly unique users in millions from
  5. 5. All successful social platforms have clearly defined their users’ If most users can’t relationship with the decode what the social social object. platform does at first glance, it is likely to be unsuccessful. Social Platform: Users {Relationship} Social Object Source: Jyri Engestrom
  6. 6. Facebook  World’s leading social networking platform.  400 million users worldwide.  12.4 million users in India.  Users {connect and share with} people. Source:
  7. 7. LinkedIn  Popular professional networking platform.  60 million users worldwide.  2.5 million users in India.  Users {exchange} information, ideas and opportunities. Source:
  8. 8. Twitter  Popular micro- sharing platform.  Likes to call itself “real-time information network”.  75 million users worldwide.  1.8 million users in India.  Users {share and discover} what’s happening right now.
  9. 9. Google Buzz  Google’s own social network integrated with GMail.  Users {start} conversations about the things you find interesting. Source:
  10. 10. Brands are joining existing social platforms and even building their own focused In either case, brands social platforms. should be clear about the social object and their users’ relationship with it. Brands on Social Platforms vs. Brands’ Own Social Platforms
  11. 11. How to Scale Passion? Our approach is to build a focused community around a lifestyle, Then, scale it by interest or cause. leveraging existing social platforms like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. Step 1: Identify Passion Step 2: Ignite Passion Step 3: Scale Passion Select a BIG lifestyle, Build a focused community Build scale by leveraging interest, or cause. around it. existing social platforms.
  12. 12. Decoding Social Social You can look at networking social technologies Blogging By Tool through many Microblogging lenses. Photo-sharing Video-sharing Consumer Product design generated Sales and By Core Decoding By marketing content Dynamic Social Function Conversations Customer Collaboration support Community Public relations Collective Partner relations Business-to- Employee intelligence By Type of Business relations Organiza- Business-to- tion Consumer We like to focus on the core dynamic. Government Non-profit
  13. 13. Five Core Social Dynamics Invisible Collective Intelligence Community Collaboration Conversation Consumer Generated Content Visible Easy Difficult
  14. 14. Five Reasons Why Business is Social        !    Consumer Conversation Collaboration Community Collective Generated Intelligence Content
  15. 15. Consumer Generated Content Your consumers are authors, photographers and filmmakers, all Tap into their rolled into one. creativity. Ask them to interpret your brand. Have you seen this I love my movie? My new car! mobile  phone sucks!
  16. 16. Dell Go Green  Dell Go Green is a consumer generated content contest where consumers submit ideas to redesign, reuse of recycle gadgets to make them go green. Source:
  17. 17. Conversations Your customers, partners and employees are talking Listen to them, reach about you, in public. out to them, engage them in a two-way conversation. Have you driven this Yes! It car? rocks!  
  18. 18. Dell Small Business on Facebook  Dell’s Small Business Facebook page, structured as a resource for small businesses to use social media, has more than 37,000 fans. Source:
  19. 19. Dell Outlet on Twitter  Dell uses Twitter as a channel to sell refurbished computers to corporate purchase managers.  @delloutlet has 1.5 million followers and has resulted in sales of more than $6 million. Source:
  20. 20. Collaboration People work together in flow when they connect with each Create rich profiles other as people. and reputation systems to encourage people to help each other. How do I fix this Let me tell problem? you how!  
  21. 21. Dell Support Community  User driven support community to increase customer satisfaction and drive down support costs. Source:
  22. 22. Community Communities come together around a shared social object: a Build and nurture a lifestyle, cause or community platform to passion. host your customers, partners, employees, and evangelists. I love road I love trips! I love my travel! car! 
  23. 23. Dell Digital Nomad  Community built around the idea of being a digital nomad.  Targeted at highly mobile laptop users. Source:
  24. 24. Dell Take Your Own Path  Community where users shared inspiring stories of entrepreneurship.  Driven by the Dell SME team.  Now replicated internationally. Source:
  25. 25. Collective Intelligence Customers, employees and partners can give Observe their behavior, you new ideas and ask for their ideas, insights. recognize and reward them for their contribution. Here’s ! Here’s how we It worked! an can make Thank you! idea! it better! 
  26. 26. Dell Ideastorm  User driven ideation community to listen to customer’s ideas on product improvement and new product development. Source:
  27. 27. Dell Employee Storm  Internal ideation platform to enable Dell’s worldwide community of more than 80,000 employees to post and discuss ideas on topics ranging from product innovation to company HR policies. Source:
  28. 28. Decoding Employee Communities
  29. 29. External Community: Microsoft  Microsoft uses Jobsblog to connect potential employees with mentors and Microspotting to share interesting stories about employees. Source: and
  30. 30. People vs. Documents Some enterprise collaboration platforms The ideal platform needs are people-centric, others to offer the right balance are documents-centric. between structured workspaces and emergent discovery. 1. Enterprise 2. Community 3. Collaboration 4. Document micro blogging platforms platforms sharing platforms platforms Yammer Jive SocialText MS Sharepoint SocialCast Salesforce Cynapse Chatter Cubetree People Remindo Documents Profiles Workspaces Activity File-sharing streams Rule-driven Emergent
  31. 31. Yammer  Enterprise micro- blogging platform with profiles, groups, networking and file-sharing.  60,000 customers including Sungard, Avaya, Deloitte, Xerox, Alcatel Lucent, AMD. Source:
  32. 32. SocialCast  Enterprise collaboration platform with profiles, groups, networking, micro- blogging and activity streams.  Integration with Outlook and SharePoint. Source:
  33. 33. Remindo  Enterprise collaboration and project management platform with, micro blogging, activity streams, instant messaging, file sharing, task lists and client extranet. Source:
  34. 34. Cubetree  Enterprise collaboration and project management platform with, micro blogging, activity streams, wikis, blogs, groups, polls, file sharing and task lists. Source:
  35. 35. Cynapse  Full-featured enterprise collaboration platform with profiles, groups, networking, micro- blogging, activity streams, file sharing, blogs, wikis, events and calendars. Source:
  36. 36. Jive  Industry standard full-featured community and enterprise collaboration platform.  Connects employee communities with partner communities and customer communities. Source:
  37. 37. Chatter Collaboration Cloud  Full-featured social networking platform for the enterprise.  Integration with Twitter and Facebook.  Integration with Salesforce Sales Cloud and Service Cloud solutions and apps. Source:
  38. 38. SocialText  Full-featured enterprise collaboration platform with profiles, groups, networking, micro- blogging, activity streams, blogs, wikis and spreadsheets.  Integration with SharePoint and Lotus Connections. Source:
  39. 39. SocialText @  IVR and call center solutions company uses SocialText to create a public community of customers, partners, and others who may want to join in the conversation about IVR Technology. Source:
  40. 40. SocialText @ Davies  Public affairs and crisis communications firm Davies uses SocialText to connect specialized practice groups that need to work across multiple offices and time zones in order to service clients nationally. Source: ies.php
  41. 41. SocialText @ Emergent Solutions  Leadership and strategy consulting firm Emergent Solutions’ 65 global consultants use SocialText to collaborate on client projects and share knowledge with each other. Source: ergent.php
  42. 42. Socialtext @ FONA  Food flavor design and manufacturing company FONA uses SocialText to run an intranet where employees collaborate for project management and knowledge sharing and a self-serve extranet to serve their customers. na.php
  43. 43. SocialText @ SickKids  The Hospital For Sick Children (also called SickKids) uses SocialText for capacity building amongst clinicians, hosting symposiums, and collaboratively writing books. Source: kids.php
  44. 44. SocialText @ McGraw-Hill  Publishing firm McGraw-Hill uses SocialText for managing projects, inducting new recruits and running reverse mentorship programs. Source: work-at-mcgraw-hill
  45. 45. SocialText @ 2020 Social  As a niche consulting firm, 2020 Social uses SocialText to collaborate on client projects and for internal knowledge sharing and capacity building. Source:
  46. 46. About 2020 Social
  47. 47. Who Are We Strategy & Strategy & Marketing Marketing Gaurav Mishra Dave Evans CEO Consulting Director IIMB, Tata Group, Yahoo! Author of ‘Social Media Fellow at Georgetown Marketing: An Hour a Day’ Organizational Enterprise Development Collaboration Gautam Ghosh Kaushal Sarda Consultant Consultant XLRI, Deloitte, HP, Dell Capgemini CRM, Uhuroo Founder
  48. 48. What We Do We build and nurture online communities for clients to connect with customers, partners and employees catalyze collaboration and innovation and drive loyalty and advocacy.
  49. 49. Our Competency Areas Plan Build Engage (Project) (Project) (Retainer) Research Communities Content Strategy Social apps Conversations Workshops Social APIs Contests
  50. 50. Our Practice Areas Business to Business to Employees & Consumer Business Partners Communities Communities Collaboration of interest of practice platforms Contests Content Coaching aggregation
  51. 51. Our Solutions Plan Build Engage (Project) (Project) (Retainer) Research Communities Content Strategy Social apps Conversations Workshops Social APIs Contests Business to Communities Lithium Contests Consumer of interest Drupal Business to Communities Lithium Content Business of practice Drupal aggregation Employees & Collaboration SocialText Coaching Partners platforms
  52. 52. Ask Us How || @2020social @gauravonomics @evansdave @gautamghosh @ksarda