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24symbols - the appdate


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Presentation of 24symbols in The Appdate

Published in: Business
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24symbols - the appdate

  1. 1. Read and Share Abbey
  2. 2. Read and Share Like a Spotify for books
  3. 3. Read and Share 24symbols is a platform to read and share digital books
  4. 4. Read and Share Attention + Conversion Freemium model Free service: ability to read ebooks, free and with non-intrusive ads. Servicio Premium: ability to read ebooks, ad-free. Price by subscription. E-commerce: getting the most of the reader community to commercialize printed books, but also other products related to the readers’ experience.
  5. 5. Read and Share Hardcover eBook P2P 24,90$ 16,99$ 0$ Why a Freemium model?
  6. 6. Read and Share & read share •All your books in the cloud. No file download needed •Your readings go with you as you switch from device to device •Optimized for each device How are we going to do it?
  7. 7. Read and Share Apps
  8. 8. Read and Share User experience
  9. 9. Read and Share Thanks @aitorgrandes CEO