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Grow your brand with YouTube


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Presentatation held by Radu Stoica, from Google, during the Don't Skip Day event, powered by Google and 2Parale.

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Grow your brand with YouTube

  1. 1. Google Confidential and Proprietary INTERNAL ONLY | August 2013 YouTube Radu Stoica Analytical Lead Google Romania
  2. 2. Google Confidential and Proprietary of time spent online is users searching Google 5% Search is key, but only part of the story
  3. 3. Google Confidential and Proprietary The power of sound, sight & motion Still one of the most powerful forms of advertising
  4. 4. Google Confidential and Proprietary {Quiz Question} How many unique users has YouTube in RO? A. 4M B. 5M C. 6M
  5. 5. Google Confidential and Proprietary {Quiz Question} How many unique users has YouTube in RO? A. 4M B. 5M C. +6.7M without mobile traffic Correct Age + 14, desktop only
  6. 6. Google Confidential and Proprietary The YouTube Ecosystem Viewers PartnersAdvertisers YouTube
  7. 7. Google Confidential and Proprietary
  8. 8. Google Confidential and Proprietary INTERNAL ONLY | August 2013 Mikey Hash - +800.000 subscribers !
  9. 9. Google Confidential and Proprietary {Quiz Question} How many subscribers has the biggest music channel in Romania ? A. 250k B. 500k C. 1M D. 1.5M
  10. 10. Google Confidential and Proprietary {Quiz Question} How many subscribers has the biggest music channel in Romania ? A. 250k B. 500k C. 1M D. + 1.7M - Correct
  11. 11. Customers choose relevant ads Ads break through when users are given a choice Advertisers pay for engaged views Good creative is rewarded CHOICE Strategy: when consumers choose, advertisers win
  12. 12. Google Confidential and Proprietary Best Targeting Topics/placement/keywords/demo/interest categories/ The value proposition of TrueView Efficient Never pay for wasted impressions again! Only pay when a user chooses to watch your video Cross-Platform Appear across all devices including mobile and tablets and both YouTube and the Google Display Network Social Users can easily interact with, like, and share your video! You receive more “earned” views than you pay for. Close the loop Users that want to know more about your brand and products can be redirected to your website.
  13. 13. Three ways to promote video via invitation Options: Choice-Based Ads TrueView In-Stream (in- stream video) TrueView In-Display (thumbnail video) Masthead (expandable banner)
  14. 14. TrueView In-Stream Appearing on Watch pages & embedded videos Variations/Creative Assets •  YouTube Video – no max length •  Optional Companion Banner (300x60) Targeting •  Interests, Topics, Demographics, Remarketing, etc. Pricing •  Auction, CPV (Cost-per-View) •  Advertiser pays after 30 seconds or end of video, whichever comes first.
  15. 15. TrueView In-Display Now running across YouTube content and Search Network Overview Clickable thumbnail ads placed to the right of videos on YouTube Search, the YouTube Video Network and GDN Creative Assets •  YouTube Video – no max length Targeting •  Keywords, Interests, Demographics, Topics, Remarketing Pricing •  Auction, CPC (Cost-per-Click) •  Advertiser pays when viewer clicks on thumbnail
  16. 16. TrueView Across the Funnel Driving more awareness, interest, consideration, and purchase Engaged Video Views Social & Searches Interaction & Site Visitation Conversions Awareness Interest Consideration Conversion Higher value Higher volume TrueView In-stream can be used across entire funnel Affinity Segments Custom Affinity Similar Audiences Re-marketing Demo Topic
  17. 17. Targeting Approach Buy against content that aligns with your brand Topic Targeting Have your ads only appear against the most relevant subjects that you choose. 1.  1 Million+ channels 2.  Layer Audience targeting on top of topic targeting to get even more specific 3.  Focus buy on the content where your audience over indexes Awareness Aware ness Awareness
  18. 18. Reach Similar Audiences 1) Select a remarketing list as an example of your target audience 3) Your original Remarketing list is automatically excluded from your Similar Audiences list 2) Enable Similar Audiences Look-a-like technology lets you to take signals from your GDN remarketing list Aware ness Consideration Example: Cross Country Home Services has 18K site visitors, but 77K Similar Users
  19. 19. Retargeting – Cover The Basics Aware ness Conversions Client Headline General guidelines: - Remarketing should be an always-on, DR-focused aspect of a TrueView strategy - Benchmark site visitor list size before and after running a TrueView campaign, and assign value to those users Target both kinds of lists
  20. 20. 20 Google confidential Additional clicks to website 10K EUR YouTube campaign 25% average view thru rate - estimation FREE! 500-800k. engaged views + FREE engaged earned views through social or follow-on ! 2-3 mil impressions
  21. 21. Key Metrics to Track Consideration *Can use data from AdWords for Video to track website traffic uplift through our betas. Conversions & View-through- conversions Website traffic uplift* Website Clicks Cost-per-views Views & Follow-on views Subscriptions Likes and dislikes Favorites Comments Sharing Engagement Impressions & Earned Activity Video Metrics in AdWords for Video: Social Metrics in YouTube Analytics:
  22. 22. YouTube Analytics Consideration Report Types Discover Metrics That Matter Total Shares By Video Views/Subscribers Trend Traffic Segmentation by Source Discover Audience Segments
  23. 23. Measure the metrics that matter Improve effectiveness mid-flight By understanding what works in near real-time Results you can trust Reflecting our best-in-class methodology Introducing Brand Lift Brand Lift lets you measure the metrics that matter with results you can trust to improve effectiveness mid-flight Google Confidential and Proprietary Brand awareness, ad recall, brand interest, consideration, favorability, and purchase intent
  24. 24. What is Brand Lift? What we report How we measure it Which types of questions will we help answer Ad recall Brand Awareness Consideration Favorability Purchase Intent Surveys Which demo is driving the highest lift in brand awareness? Brand interest Organic Search Activity (on Google and on YouTube) Is my campaign inspiring consumers to search for my brand or products? Google Confidential and Proprietary
  25. 25. Measure the increase in ad recall, brand awareness, consideration, purchase intent*, and favorability* directly attributable to your TrueView campaign 53.3% lift in ad recall * To start with, only available in the US for surveys in English, with global launch 6 July.
  26. 26. 8.2% lift in organic search activity Measure the increase in brand interest directly attributable to your TrueView or Display campaign
  27. 27. How does Brand Lift work? Robust methodology, easy implementation and near real-time results the control group are people who were randomly selected to see other ads the exposed group are people who will see your ads Google technology creates 2 randomized groups Robust research design Serve a survey and/or analyze organic searches on and on to these 2 groups Tagless implementation We gather the responses and compute the results as early as 2+ weeks* Fast and free results
  28. 28. Online video is not the same as display or search; have realistic metrics1 Testing and iterating is important; measurement is key to this2 Don’t rely on just clicks / click conversions, view-through conversions and other metrics are crucial3 Measurement Takeaways Take advantage of Brand Lift studies to see the full picture4
  29. 29. 1 2 3 Make relevant or interesting ads that people want to watch (like content) Spark curiosity in the first 5 seconds to increase view rate (for in-stream) Shorter is better. Completion rates double for :15s vs :30s. Longer can work if creative is engaging, like movie trailers. YT Best Practices
  30. 30. Vodoo Video Website: Contact: Valentin Vacarus Tel. 0744.374.155 Kubis Interactive Website: Contact: Alina Ivan Tel: 0756.169.055 Monday Media Contact: Adrian Anton Tel. 0730.191.839 Constantinescu Film Website: Contact: Alexandru Constantinescu Tel. 0736.521.927
  31. 31. Thank You!