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Match Your Mobile Strategy to Your Mobile Users - Jonathan Hotz's Presentation at ModevCon 2015


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Senior Product Manager Jonathan Hotz presented "Match Your Mobile Strategy to Your Mobile Users" at ModevCon 2015 on December 10th. His presentation described the process of designing and developing a mobile application for a customer using a real-world case study.

A video of the presentation is available here:

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Match Your Mobile Strategy to Your Mobile Users - Jonathan Hotz's Presentation at ModevCon 2015

  1. 1. MATCH YOUR MOBILE STRATEGY TO YOUR MOBILE USERS Jonathan Hotz - Sr. Product Manager
  2. 2. FEATURE BRAINSTORMING ➤ Build a Trello board and start adding stories ➤ Grab a pack of 3x5 cards and start writing out stories - Too deep, too fast
  4. 4. MARKET INFLUENCE ➤ Market events, seasonal timing, trends/directions ➤ Customer’s seasonal events, adoption cycles, buying cycles ➤ Mobile technology opportunities - When and what to release
  5. 5. USE CASE - NATURAL INSIGHT MOBILE APP January February March April May June July August September October November December This is a good time This is a bad time ➤ Natural Insight supports product and retail ➤ Plan for the rollout and adoption
  6. 6. FEATURE MATCH VS. CHANGE THE GAME ➤ Identify the holes in your app ➤ Find some common holes in the competition ➤ Unique mobile functionality - Move your app to those holes
  7. 7. USE CASE - LEXEE CHANGES THE GAME ➤ Mobile voice assistant for specific tasks ➤ Complete specific tasks ➤ Multi-modal interface
  9. 9. WHAT DO WE HAVE TO START WITH ➤ What works well ➤ What do customers like ➤ What do you have that is unique ➤ What is applicable to mobile - Leverage these to make it easier/faster to build your app
  10. 10. USE CASE - LEVERAGE THE HTML5 SURVEY ➤ Mobile app was a few years old ➤ Few APIs that could be utilized ➤ Very capable HTML5-based interface for completing surveys ➤ Can leverage the interface and functionality
  11. 11. DETERMINE THE PLATFORM ➤ Move past personal biases ➤ Not as simple as iOS vs. Android ➤ Win mobile, responsive, mobile frameworks - Important, but your strategy should not start with this question
  12. 12. USE CASE - “HYBRID” PLATFORM 1. Started with what we could leverage ➤ HTML5 survey interface 2. Usage pattern and mobile platforms ➤ Mostly iOS, and supply iOS devices 3. Settled on a “hybrid” approach ➤ Native app ➤ Web view for the survey ➤ Native components for specific tasks
  14. 14. INCREMENTAL VALIDATION ➤ Don’t be afraid to let go of what you want ➤ Validate needs with an MVP ➤ Can be done quickly ➤ One release -> one need ➤ Mobile lets you push to specific people - If it meets a need, it is still valuable even if it doesn’t have everything
  15. 15. USER INTERVIEWS ABOUT NEEDS ➤ You are not your user ➤ Understand who they are and what they need to do ➤ 3-5 users per persona ➤ Frequency of usage, specific tasks to complete ➤ What makes them “mobile”? - Let the conversation flow naturally, don’t force it
  16. 16. USE CASES - THE REAL UNMET NEEDS ➤ Interviewed about 10 users for both cases ➤ #1 - Thought we needed a big app for offline use ➤ Users just needed to manage photos ➤ #2 - Thought we needed to consolidate multiple systems ➤ Needed efficiency in paper-based system
  17. 17. LISTEN TO THE USERS LEVERAGE WHAT YOU HAVE MARKET INFLUENCES 123Take a step up from where you are to see more