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Isl. lecture#8 the holy qura'n

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Isl. lecture#8 the holy qura'n

  1. 1. The Holy Quran Meaning of the word Quran This word is derived from the Arabic roots.‫ق.ر.أ‬ The word (qiraah) is also derived from the same roots. So the meaning of (qiraah) is reading and recitation.
  2. 2. .Cont The word Qur’n in the tense of exaggeration. So the literal meaning of the word Qura’n is :the widely read book. So .Qira’ah means: reading and recitation . And Qura’n means the widely read book No doubt that the holy Qura’n is recited .widely
  3. 3. definition Technically it means One of the holy books of Allah which has been revealed to the holy prophet Muhammad (s.a.w.s.) in 23 years.
  4. 4. History of revelation of the Holy Quran Condition of the holy prophet (s.a.w.s.)Little before the prophet hood .True dreams .Loneliness Cave of Hira and prophet’s meditation. First verses of the holy Qur’n.
  5. 5. Continued prophet’s condition after the first revelation and his coming back. Hazrat khadeeja and waraqa bin naufal. “ it is the namoos which used to come to Hazrat Moosa (A.s) and Hazrat Eisa (A.s) and there will be a time when the people of Makkah will compel him to migrate to Madeena Munawwara” .Revelation gap of three years ‫فترة الوحي‬
  6. 6. Gradual revelation the Holy Quran Two words used in the holy Qur’n in this regard; Inzal and Tanzeel. Inzal means: transmission in one ocassion‫انإنا‬ ‫ “أنزلناه فى ليلة القدر‬while Tanzeel means gradual revelation .“‫“ونزلناه تنزيل‬ َّ ;The holy Qura’n was transmitted twice .Full transmission .Gradual revelation
  7. 7. .Cont   From lawh-e-mahfooz to bait-ulmamoor. (inzal) From bait-ul-mamoor to the holy prophet (s.a.w.s.) (tanzeel)
  8. 8. Philosophy behind the gradual revelation Muhammad ( was ummy. Difficult situation of revelation. To console the prophet again and again. To be according to the natural process. Answers, predictions and incidetnts. They happened again and again.
  9. 9. Indirect revelation    No philosophy can be quoted exactly. It is a safe passage. It is called “tafweez” . To show the angels the greatness of the holy Qur’n. To show that it is preserved in many places.
  10. 10. The first revealed verses    The verses of Al- alaq. Surah al-Fatiha. Verses of Al- Mudassar. the first opinion is authentic.
  11. 11. Forms of revelation Gabraeel (a.s.) himself in his own appearance. In the appearance of dihia kalbi ‫. دحية كلبى‬ Only sounds.‫( صلصلة الجرس‬difficult form) Direct dreams, Awakening Inspiration.
  12. 12. categories of revelation Recited the holy Qura’n.  Non recited: hadees and hadees qudsi. 
  13. 13. The Quranic order Tauqeefi Nuzooli The holy Qura’n was recorded only according to Tarteeb-e- Tauqeefi not Nuzooli. Because the compilation is according to lawh-e-Mahfooz while the revelation is according to the circumstances
  14. 14. Makki and Madni Surahs: their definition. Before and after the migration  their features. Makki surahs Madni surahs 1. mostly brief mostly long 2. O people o believers 3. Beliefs injunctions. 4. Previous incidents. Jihad. 
  15. 15. Division of the holy Qura’n Verses. Ruku. Paras. Surahs. Manzils.
  16. 16. Compilation of the holy Qura’n   In dauri nabvi. His instructions and katibeene-wahi. In the time of AbuBakar siddeeq (r.a.) back ground for the compilation: (Reason for the compilation). 1. 2. Yamama war and Hazrat Umar ‘s proposal. Hazrat zaid bin sabit and the responsibility.
  17. 17. Steps taken for the compilation      Collection of the personal material. Hazrat zaid’s verification and comparing with the manuscript he had. Hazrat Umar and Hazrat zaid were hafizan-e-Qura’n. Two witnesses. The compiled manuscript was named as umm , which means mother or original thing.
  18. 18. Important features of Umm       According to tarteeb-e-tawqeefi. Surahs were different units. All the seven words were included. Heiary script. None abolished recitations. For reference.
  19. 19. Revelation of the Quran in seven :words   Allah Taala allowed the Muslims to recite the Quran in many ways. Purpose: easiness ‫.إنما أنزل هذاالقرآن على سبعة أحرف فاقرؤا ما تيسر منه‬ Meaning of the revelation in seven words:  In the accents of seven standard tribes.  In the accents of the seven standard reciters.  In the seven types of variations:
  20. 20. ‫‪seven types of variations‬‬ ‫.)‪In nouns (sing,plural,Tasina,Fam,musc‬‬ ‫. تمتمت .كبر ةملكلمة ربك. تمتمت.كبر ةملكلمات ربك‬ ‫ربنا بِع دـد بين أسفارنا. ربنا باعد بين.‪In verbs .e.g‬‬ ‫عَ دـّ‬ ‫أسفارنا‬ ‫ذوالِعرش المجيد - ذوالِعرش المجيد .‪In vowels e.g‬‬ ‫

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