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Isl. lecture#9 compilation in the time of hazrat usman (r.a.)

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Isl. lecture#9 compilation in the time of hazrat usman (r.a.)

  1. 1. Compilation in the time of (:Hazrat Usman (R.A :Reasons for the compilation Unrest in the Muslims because of .the seven words Spread of Islam and controversy .In recitations
  2. 2. .Cont Hazrat Huzaifa bin Al Yaman .came back from Armenia Behavior of the Muslims there .towards the recitations The people of Syria followed (.Ubai-bin-Kaab. (R.A The people of Iraq followed (Abdullah-bin-Masood (R.A
  3. 3. . cont Hazrat Usman (R.A) was already alert of the situation because of the same behavior .in Madina Munawwara He convened a meeting of experts and discussed the matter. He floated the idea .of compilation The idea was supported by the .participants
  4. 4. .Cont Hazrat Hafsa (R.A) handed over to them the manuscript which she had on their .request, to copy it in many :The compilation committee consists of (Hazrat Zaid-bin-Sabit (R.A (Hazrat Abdullah-bin-Zubair (R.A (Hazrat Saeed-bin-Al-Aas (R.A (Hazrat Abdul Rehman-bin-Al-Haris. (R.A
  5. 5. Features of the compilation .Surah’s were in one manuscript .It was accommodative script Seven manuscripts were prepared and sent to Makkah, Syria, Koofa, .Basra, Bahrain and one in Madina
  6. 6. ‫‪Accommodative script‬‬ ‫ملك‬ ‫مالك يوم الدين. ملك يوم الدين.مليك يوم الدين‬ ‫لَ كِ‬ ‫كلمت‬ ‫تمت كلمة ربك. تمت كلمات ربك.‬ ‫يعلمون. تعلمون‬
  7. 7. .Cont The main source was of Hazrat Hafsa (R.A).However they were compared with (those of Sahaba (R.A Sahaba’s manuscripts were burnt in this time while the manuscript of Hazrat Hafsa (r.a) was given back which was burnt in the reign of Marwah-bin-Al.Hakam
  8. 8. The end
  9. 9. Quiz no. 4 compare the compilation of the holy Qura’n in the time of Abubakar siddeeque raziallaho anho with the compilation in the time of Hazrat Usman raziallaho anho in five aspects: Aspect no.1:  In daur-e- siddeeqi  In daur-e- Usmani Aspect no.2: Aspect no.3: Aspect no.4:
  10. 10. Comparison between the two periods 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. In the background. Purpose. Copies of the Manuscript. Units of the Manuscript. Seven words and accommodative script. Scriptures except the manuscript of Hazrat Hafsa (r.a) were burnt.

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