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Lecture#12 preservation of hadees

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Lecture#12 preservation of hadees

  1. 1. Preservation of Ahadees
  2. 2. Three ways for the preservation of Ahadees 1. Hifz-e- riwaiat. Memorizing of Ahadees by heart. 2. 3. Taa’mul (practicing according to the saying s and deeds of the prophet (s.a.w.s.) Writing of Ahadees.
  3. 3. Hifz-e-riwaiat Extra ordinary memory of Arab.  Incident of Hazrat jafar and Ubaidullah. With Hazrat Wahshi. Hazrat wahshi recognized Hazrat Abdullah.  Narration of Hazrat Abu Huraira to Marwan ibnul Hakam 100 Ahadees after a complete year.
  4. 4. .Cont   Imam bukhari (r.a) was examined for 100 mixed Ahadees by 10 scholars. Recognition of Imam tirmizi while he was blind (r.a.) the place where he passed through after a long when he was not blind.
  5. 5. ‫‪Taa’mul‬‬ ‫‪Incident of Abudarda’ when he caught a‬‬ ‫.‪branch of a tree‬‬ ‫‪‬‬ ‫.هكذا رأيت رسول ال صلى ال عليه وسلم يفعل‬ ‫‪‬‬ ‫.هكذا سمعت رسول ال صلى ال عليه وسلم يقول‬ ‫‪‬‬
  6. 6. Writing (compilation)of Ahadees Four ways of writing: 1. Misleniousely 1. Personal scriptures of the companions. 2. Un-chapter wised books. 3. Chapter wised books.
  7. 7. .Cont   The first and second ways were prevalent in the time of the companion of the holy prophet (s.a.w.s.) Also memorizing and taa’mul was also prevalent at that time.
  8. 8. A question from Munkireen-ehadees Q.The holy prophet (s.a.w.s.) himself restricted the companions to write only Qura’n. ‫.لكتكتبوا عنى غير القرآن ومن كتب عنى غير القرآن فليمحه‬ (do not write my words other than the holy Qura’n and the person who wrote my words other than the holy Qura’n, he should delete it.
  9. 9. Answer the question This restriction was in the early age of Islam  The companions were familiar with the style of the holy Qura’n.  The revelation was not completed.  Then he allowed them.
  10. 10. .Arguments that he allowed 1. Sayings of the holy prophet.(s.a.w.s.)  ‫( .استعن بيمينك‬get help of your right hand.)  ‫(.اكتبوا لبى شاه‬write for Abushah)  ‫(.قيدواالعلم قلت وما كتقييده قال كتابته‬confine your knowledge (the narrator says) I said what is meant by confinement? He said its writing.)
  11. 11. .Cont The compilations at that time: 1. Al-saheefa-Al-sadiqa by Abdullah bin Amar bin As-Aas. 5300 Ahadees. 2. Saheefa Ali about blood money, revenge, zajat and zimmies(protected non mulims in an Islamic state). 3. Kitab-ul-sadapa. Dictated by the prophet (s.a.w.s.) about zakat, ushar and sadapat. 4. Suhuf-i-abi huraira 5364 ahadees.
  12. 12. .(Services of Hazrat Ali (r.a Hazrat Ali and his students rarrated many Ahadees to face the false Ahadeed fabricated by Abdullah bin saba and his followers.
  13. 13. First century of hijra Before this time the writing was limited to miscellaneously and personal scriptures. Now Hazrat Umar bin AbdulAziz ordered the justices to compile. 1. Kutub-i-Abibakar: he compiled but died before he could send to Hazrat Umar (rahimahullah) 2. Kitab-ul-sunan li makhool. 3. Abwab-ul-sha’bi:by Aamir bin Shurahbeel
  14. 14. Second century of hijra In this time the book were chapterwised. The compilations were more than twenty. The famous books: 1. Kitab-ul-Aasar li Abi haneefa.Selection from 40000 Ahadees. 2. Al-muatta li imam malik.
  15. 15. Third century of hijra In this time the science of marrators got a definite shape. Compilations other than sihah-i-sitta: 1. Musnad-e- Abudaud taialisi. 2. Musnad-e- Ahmad: 40000 Ahadees selected from 750000. 3. Musannaf ibn-e-Abi shaiba: by Abubakar bin Abi shaiba. The teacher of imam Bukhari and imam Muslim.
  16. 16. Brief introduction to sihah-e-sitta    The souvce of knowledge in the field of ahadees. Sihah means authentic and sitta means six. It means that a person who reads these books can gain a lot of authentic ahadees, which are enough to know the religion of Islam.
  17. 17. .Cont    Saheeh Bukhari and Muslim have only the authentic ahadees. Other than these two hame authentic and non-authentic ahadees. Authentic ahadees are not confined in sahees bukhare and saheeh muslim.
  18. 18. Names of the books Saheeh Bukhari: next to the Qura’n. (consensus)  Saheeh Muslim: only authentic ahadees.  Sunan-e-nasai:(authentic & non-authentic)  Sunan-e- abi daud. (sajistani)  Jame tirmize: Ahadees and commentary.  Sunan-e- ibni maja. The last four books have authentic& non-authentic 