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Digital advertising 101


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Published in: Technology, Business
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Digital advertising 101

  1. 1. Getting Started with Digital Advertising
  2. 2. Search engine popularity has increasedWorldwide, 88,000,000,000 searchesare conducted on Google per month. 34,000 Per Second 2,000,000 Per Minute 121,000,000 Per Hour3,000,000,000 Per Day
  3. 3. 33% of US consumers spend at least 3 hours online every day.
  4. 4. Brief History of Digital Advertising1993 – First Clickable Ad 1994 –“Banner Ad” 1996 – First Ad Server 1998-PPC 2002 2005 2007 2010
  5. 5. The Purchase Funnel Increase Brand VisibilityAwareness Impressions & CPM “plasma tv”Microcenter Drive Qualified Traffic Reviews, comparisons, demos Education “Plasma tv reviews” Generate Leads Consideration Newsletter, Email captures, etc. [Sign up for secret offers!] Sales Purchase Revenue, orders, ROI, ROAS “Buy Sony Bravia 46” Plasma TV”
  6. 6. Defining Goals for Digital Advertising
  7. 7. Goal: Traffic Brand Awareness
  8. 8. Goal: Drive Traffic to Product, Event, Service
  9. 9. Goal: Build Your Fan Base
  10. 10. Goal: Lead Generation
  11. 11. Digital Advertising Payment Models CPM Cost Per Thousand Impressions CPC Cost Per Click CPL Cost Per Lead CPA Cost Per Acquisition CPSA Cost Per Social Action
  12. 12. Categorizing Digital Advertising Paid TV Commercial, Web Banner Ad, Paid Search Owned Website, Blog, Facebook Page Earned Blog Mention, Word of Mouth, Buzz POEM
  13. 13. PPC/PPA
  14. 14. Banner AdsImage-based Text-based Multimedia
  15. 15. Banner Ads
  16. 16. 900 Million Users You Can Target By: Demographics: Location,Boston +5 miles Language, Education, and Work Women Age, Gender, Birthday, and 21-30 Relationship Status Likes & Interests: Single Select Likes & Interests such as "camping", "hiking", or "backpacking" instead of "tents" or "campers“ Connections
  17. 17. Event Poll Video CommentLike Sampling
  18. 18. New England States You Can Target By: Demographics: Location, Language, Consumer Brand Education, Company, Age, TitleMarketing Manager Group Memberships
  19. 19. Different Levels of Advertising
  20. 20. Different Levels of Advertising• Pre-rolls • Ads appear before the content • Best performance• Mid-rolls • Ads appear during content • Many marketers wary of interrupting• Post rolls • Ads appear after content • Perform at 40% level compared to pre-roll
  21. 21. Preparing for a Digital Advertising Campaign
  22. 22. Preparing: Defining Your Audience • Location Awareness • Language • Education • Work Education • Age • Gender • Birthday Consideration • Relationship Status • HIH • Groups Purchase • Likes • FriendsThink about the people who you want to see your ads
  23. 23. Metrics and Measurement• Impressions & Clicks • CTR – click through rate • How many of my ads got clicks? • Clicks/impressions• Return • Conversion Rate • Revenue • ROAS • ROI
  24. 24. Preparing: KeywordsBased on what your audience is interested in instead or what they might be looking tobuy depending on the channel
  25. 25. Getting Started
  26. 26. Google AdWords:
  27. 27. YouTube:
  28. 28. Bing/Yahoo!:
  29. 29. Twitter:
  30. 30. Facebook:
  31. 31. Case Study: International Healthcare Publishing
  32. 32. Case Study: International Healthcare PublishingGoals:• Increase online sales and create buzz for a specialty publication for nurses• Increase dialogue around and awareness of the publication using Facebook as a fan gate and alternative point of purchaseApproach:• Search – Facebook ads and PPC to promote Facebook page• PR – identify and pitch key influencers in online nursing community• Social – created Facebook POS and executed engagement tactics – quizzes, contests, polls
  33. 33. Case Study: International Healthcare Publishing13,265% 12,278,000increase in Facebook likes impressions on Facebook in one weekin first weekThrough blogger outreach and search optimizedreleases, the team was able to secure coveragefor the client in industry blogs viewed regularlyby the target community.
  34. 34. Francis SkipperDirector of Search Marketing 415.542.6250 @fskip
  35. 35. Getting Started with Digital Advertising