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Winston Churchill Presentation


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Winston Churchill important speeches, events, connection to WWII.

Published in: News & Politics, Education
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Winston Churchill Presentation

  1. 1. fakebook Sir Winston Churchill Sir Winston Churchill Logout View photos of Winston Send Winston a message Poke Winston Wall Info Photos Videos Write something… Share Friends Sir Winston Churchill Today World War II has been won! The Nazis surrendered, so now there will finally be peace. May 8, 1945 F.E. Smith Franklin Delano Roosevelt The Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor yesterday. It was a ruthless atta and 2300 people were killed. I am now declaring war on Japan. Yesterday was a day that will live in infamy forever. December 8, 1941 Clementine Churchill I gave birth to my first child today, and it’s a girl! Winston and I decided to nam her Diana. July 11, 1909 Dwight Eisenhower Today we (the U.S,) and Allied Forces invaded France, and fought our way int Germany. Russia was fighting from the east. We are now closer to being able to end this war once and for all. June 6, 1944 Winston Churchill I married Clementine today, whom I proposed to a month ago. The marriage took place at St. Margaret’s, Westminster Abbey, and there were lots of people there. It was a wonderful weddin September 12, 1908 FDR Dwight E. Clementine C.
  2. 2. fakebook Sir Winston Churchill Logout Name message Date Name message Date Name message Date Name message Date Name message Date Name message Date Name message Date
  3. 3. Personal Information fakebook Sir Winston Churchill Logout View photos of Winston_______ Send Winston a message Basic Information Photos Activities: Gambling, Smoking, Drinking, Reading, Painting, Landscaping (Bricklaying) Interests: Animals, Polo, Politics Favorite Music: Victorian Music Hall Songs Favorite Movies: That Hamilton Woman Favorite Books: Closing the Ring, On Winning the Peace: Speech by Prime Minister Winston Churchill My Family May 5, 1955 4 Albums Contact Information Address: 28 Hyde Park Gate, London, England Phone Number: 358-9097 Email Address: Networks: Leaders of Great Britain, Important People of WW2 Birthday: November 30, 1874 Political: Conservative Religion: Anglican Christian, Agnostic Worldview Hometown: Woodstock, Oxfordshire, London, UK Education: Royal Military College, Sandhurst V-Sign February 17, 1942 My Early Days August 22, 1899 With Friends April 9, 1950 Sir Winston Churchill Info Photos VideosWall
  4. 4. fakebook Sir Winston Churchill Logout Photos of Winston # Photos Sir Winston Churchill Albums 2 Photo Albums My Early Days 5 photos Profile Pictures 3 photos V-Sign 5 photos Sir Winston Churchill Info Photos VideosWall
  5. 5. fakebook Sir Winston Churchill Logout Info 3 Videos of Winston om/watch?v=6llT2ZY g-4E We Shall Fight on the Beaches om/watch?v=L5CqfM jdQ1g The German State has Surrendered om/watch?v=SOQwa 73KXbs Now we are Masters of our Fate Sir Winston Churchill Wall Info Photos VideosWall
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