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A Walk Through 4 Recent Content Campaigns PubCon Las Vegas 2014


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4 content marketing case studies covering different approaches with the goals of reaching the same results.

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A Walk Through 4 Recent Content Campaigns PubCon Las Vegas 2014

  1. A walk through 4 Recent Content Campaigns @chrisbennett #pubcon2014
  2. download this deck: @chrisbennett #pubcon2014
  3. Here is what I have learned over the years
  4. every website is unique
  5. they each deserve a UNIQUE strategy
  6. Blog Post Infographic Guest Post gone are the days
  7. do what makes sense for you
  8. and do it well
  9. make it pretty Clark Little
  10. make it useful
  11. make sense to your audience
  12. so lets LOOK at a few different businesses
  13. and how they all used something different to achieve the same results
  14. more traffic
  15. more branding
  16. more engagement
  17. more mentions
  18. but most importantly
  19. more business
  20. cause lets face it
  21. the c-suite doesn’t care how many shares/links you get
  23. It’s beautiful
  24. it’s simple
  25. it’s useful
  26. it’s altruistic
  27. we used a couple of techniques to ensure promo success
  28. leveraged social success
  29. leveraged social success
  30. leveraged social success
  31. reached out to the products/apps mentioned
  32. there are a million road trip planners
  33. some arguably better
  34. but when you make something that is beautiful Clark Little
  35. simple
  36. to the point
  37. and altruistic
  38. you win.
  39. another great packing/planning example - Interactive
  40. The Student Loan Industry is insanely competitive
  41. big budgets
  42. big ROI
  43. we needed to set ourselves apart
  44. We took college and put an ROI angle on it
  45. so high school students could make an educated decision
  46. comparing the different degrees they are on the fence about
  47. this could of been an in-depth article or white paper
  49. instead we made a tool that simplifies a difficult process
  50. and it 10X’d all traffic, engagement, time on site etc…
  51. very mobile friendly as well
  52. Big Data is awesome
  53. it’s changing the world
  54. but attracting customers to your Hadoop Cluster
  55. is harder than writing about the “Internet of Things” or “Wearable Tech”
  56. so we set out to make a multi part campaign around influencers
  58. by listing the experts Qubole became expert
  59. influencers loved that they were listed
  60. so the next month we appealed to that love and asked them for tips
  61. we turned those tips into a month long blog series
  62. and the influencers shared again
  63. then at the end of the month compiled them all into a slideshare
  64. and again
  65. another great example of article to SlideShare
  66. Interactive content makes boring things awesome
  67. take taxes for example
  68. would you read a blog post about the tax code?
  69. need to build custom buttons to trigger twitter cards/open graph
  70. gotta make it a slideshare
  71. interactives make it easier to get away with calls to action
  72. Chris Bennett CEO/Founder - 97th Floor @chrisbennett