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M140039MS_Ajay Ram


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M140039MS_Ajay Ram

  1. 1. Unilever Presented by: Ajay Ram K P M140039MS Dove Deep Moisture Body Wash with NutriumMoisture
  2. 2. Segmentation • Using o Ordinary Soaps/Shower Gels. o Other Body Washes. o After shower moisturizers. • Focuses on Women o Of Age Group 18+ o Using beauty products. o Of upper-middle class.
  3. 3. Targeting • Women o Corporate Professionals. o Beauty Conscious. o Having dry skin.
  4. 4. • “This is Care” Positioning • NutriumMoisture® Technology. • No nasty, greasy feeling. • Cares for your skin ten layers deep. • Superior in mildness to Olay, Dial and Cetaphil.
  5. 5. • Product o Affordable. o Huge quantity provided. o Moisturizes skin very well. o Cleans effectively. o Improves skin quality with regular use. o Rich lather. o Not a lot of quantity required in a single use. o Pleasant smell. o Sturdy cap, travel friendly Marketing Mix • Price o $5.49 for 22 oz (Rs.340) o No Penetration Pricing • Place o Currently available in US, Canada, Mexico, Netherlands and South Africa. o Available in India via online retailers.
  6. 6. Marketing Mix • Promotion • Challenges • Campaigns • Magazines
  7. 7. Marketing Mix • Promotion • Social Media • Visual Media
  8. 8. Marketing Research • Primary Data o Through Survey in o Social Media o Shopping Malls o Telephonic Interview o Events o Campaigns. o Focus Groups: Young to Middle aged women.