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ADVA, Acacia and Inphi demo best-in-breed 400ZR DCI solution

Our successful interoperability trial with Acacia Communications and Inphi Corporation shows a clear path to open and programmable DCI networking. It showcased 400Gbit/s transport using our next-generation FSP 3000 DCI open line system as well as low-power 400ZR pluggable QSFP-DD transceivers from Acacia and Inphi. Test results proved that this multi-vendor ecosystem built on best-in-class components exceeds all OIF 400ZR Implementation Agreement performance metrics.

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ADVA, Acacia and Inphi demo best-in-breed 400ZR DCI solution

  1. 1. ADVA, Acacia and Inphi demo best-in-breed 400ZR DCI solution April 2021
  2. 2. © 2021 ADVA. All rights reserved. 2 About the trial The trial featured 400Gbit/s WDM transport using Acacia’s and Inphi’s 400ZR pluggable transceivers and ADVA’s FSP 3000 DCI OLS It was carried out simulating real-world conditions with 400Gbit/s 400ZR adjacent channels and a fully loaded spectrum To validate interoperability, 400ZR was transmitted from Acacia to Inphi and vice versa over the new FSP 3000 DCI OLS optimized for 400ZR Showcasing the interoperability of coherent transport in a QSFP form factor
  3. 3. © 2021 ADVA. All rights reserved. 3 Link configuration and test cases Optical link configuration using FSP 3000 DCI OLS optimized for 400ZR • 75GHz grid mux/demux • +23dBm twin-amp Fully loaded configuration Test cases • a) Single-span 120km SSMF with ~24dB span loss • b) Single-span 120km SSMF with ~30dB span loss Single-span 120km SSMF Twin amp Mux/demux Mux/demux Twin amp Acacia 400ZR Inphi 400ZR 26Tbit/s per fiber
  4. 4. © 2021 ADVA. All rights reserved. 4 FSP 3000 DCI OLS 3RU High-power twin amplifier (pre-amp + booster) Management 75Ghz grid mux/demux filter in a 2RU shelf Ultra-compact footprint and minimum cabling FSP 3000 DCI OLS Open design • Optimized for OIF 400ZR; compatible with other formats • Open APIs Performance optimized • High performance for maximum capacity – 26Tbit/s per fiber Operational simplicity • High-degree of integration • Integrated OCM and OTDR • Spectrum and fiber connection monitoring
  5. 5. © 2021 ADVA. All rights reserved. 5 Acacia’s and Inphi’s 400ZR QSFP-DD Acacia’s 400ZR QSFP-DD Inphi’s COLORZ®II 400ZR QSFP-DD 400ZR
  6. 6. © 2021 ADVA. All rights reserved. 6 Trial results exceeding 400ZR specifications • Full interoperability between Acacia’s and Inphi’s 400ZR QSFPs and ADVA’s FSP 3000 DCI OLS demonstrated over 120km SMF link with 24dB span loss • Error-free operation with greater than 6dB span loss margin and OSNR higher than 30dB • Substantial OSNR margin with 24dB span relative to 400ZR specifications • Data covering all combinations of transmitter to receiver Higher span loss and OSNR margins than OIF 400ZR specifications
  7. 7. © 2021 ADVA. All rights reserved. 7 Complete and validated 400ZR DCI solution The test results successfully demonstrated interoperability between ADVA’s 400ZR optimized FSP 3000 DCI open line system (OLS) and QSFP-DD 400ZR pluggable modules from Acacia Communications and Inphi ADVA+Acacia+Inphi: a direct route to open DCI networking using 400ZR The test results showed that this multi-vendor ecosystem exceeds OIF 400ZR Implementation Agreement transmission performance metrics
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