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Network Security

Check out Jim Theodoras' slides from a panel he participated in at OFC 2014 this week, as he digs into network security and looks at what opportunities there might be for quantum technologies in the future

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Network Security

  1. 1. Jim Theodoras March 2014 Network Security Where are the holes, and does QKD help?
  2. 2. © 2014 ADVA Optical Networking. All rights reserved.22 • Confidentiality • Nobody can read content of message. • Encryption only guarantees confidentiality. • Integrity • Modification of message will be detected. • Encryption does not protect against this. • Example of breach: Flipping the null bit in IPsec. • Authenticity • Verify that I am really connected to whom I expected. • Encryption does not protect against this. • Example of breach: Spoofing a receiver to obtain keys. Cryptographic Goals
  3. 3. © 2014 ADVA Optical Networking. All rights reserved.33 Networks are breached with sideways attacks, not direct or brute force attacks. • Example: Masterlock • 64,000 possible combinations • A “sideways attack” reduces that to 100 combinations. • A “backdoor” renders the lock useless (beer can shim) • Example: Copying Encryption Keys • If stored in DRAM, keys are vulnerable • Freeze spray slows down decay in DRAM • Example: • A supercomputer that could check 1018 keys/sec would require 1051 years to exhaust 256 bit key space. • A typical mining rig can brute force 30 billion passwords/sec, cracking all eight-character passwords in just a few hours. • Relational data reduces this to mere minutes. F2o<fa!7S7052C5JavW%G.@uQc/0JymD>CA:lsLZ"P+fU3Js6l@]ie9<A{$L3Nh Sideways Attacks
  4. 4. © 2014 ADVA Optical Networking. All rights reserved.44 It’s All About the Key, Not the Encryption • Audi RS4 thefts • At the time, the hottest car on black market. • The car security system was unhackable. • So, the thieves broke into the owners home and stole the keys • Similarly, a major content provider recently disclosed to me: • After revelations, taps were found everywhere in their network. • However, after further investigation, no important data lost through taps or taps alone. • The important breaches of data were due to compromised keys. • Keys were compromised in a variety of ways.
  5. 5. © 2014 ADVA Optical Networking. All rights reserved.55 Major Paradigm Shift Before: We have to keep data thieves out. Today: Assume we are breached and design accordingly.
  6. 6. © 2014 ADVA Optical Networking. All rights reserved.66 So, does QKD help with any of this? • Cryptographic goals: • Confidentiality: Makes existing encryption more secure. • Integrity: You know if someone is listening. • Authenticity: You do not know who is on the other end. • Intrusion detection: Reading the key changes it. • Sidewaysing: Good key entropy • Compromised keys: Fast generation of new truly random keys. Quantum Key Distribution?
  7. 7. © 2014 ADVA Optical Networking. All rights reserved.77 Main Takeaways • Encryption alone does not protect. • It’s all about the keys. • You must focus on prevention of sideways attacks. • With proper key management and entropy, even AES-256 can be sufficient. • Design assuming breach already exists. • QKD is currently the only key system today that meets all needs.
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