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Business plan ppt


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Select a business plan for this course. I think it is so much effective and essential for any business planer.

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Business plan ppt

  1. 1. Report on New Business Plane Prepared By MD. Rabiul Islam S.M. Ahsan Habib Kazi MD. Tanvir Fatima Altuf Hossain MD. Amanullah Aman Sanjida Jesmin Shimu
  2. 2. Introduction Company Name Location Entrepreneur Plan Items Worker
  3. 3. Business Description Location Home delivery Foods are completely traditional. Establish brand, loyal customers. Hygienic food
  4. 4. Product or Services Target people Design Plane
  5. 5. Products and Services  Grill Chicken = 120tk Chicken Roast = 80tk Korma = 50tk Kacchi Biriyani = 180tk  Polao=70tk to 700tk  Nihari = 50tk to 30  Boti Kaba=30-150tk  Bakorkhani = 5tk to 30tk Naan Ruti = 25tk to 75tk  Khashir Chap = 70tk  Koyel fry= 80tk per piece  Murog Polau =150tk to 300tk  Tehari = 70tk to 200tk  Halim= 50tk to 300tk  Shik kabab =30tk to 150tk  Tikya Kabab =10tk to 50tk  Ruti = 5tk to 15tk
  6. 6. BUSINESS ENVIRONMENT Industry Analysis: Kacchi King is a start-up business that,  sell a wide range of products and services  provides best food items  To providing all of healthy products in one convenient location
  7. 7. CONTINUE To achieve our objectives, we need near about 30 Lac TK. The initial capital will be used to obtain One pick-up van 2 delivery vehicles Purchase the products To rent the floor To bring utilities supply To decorate the shop
  8. 8. CONTINUE Future product or service offering: We will increase our item limit to supply product According to the customers demand we will enhance our business We will introduce more and different services according to customers say
  9. 9. CONTINUE Competitive Analysis: There are rarely any takeaway food shops in Bangladesh. And other than Old-Dhaka, there are no outlets where every famous items of Old-Dhaka are sold. Therefore, we are the first one to come up with this new food business, that Dhakaiya food under one roof. Yet, we consider Fakruddin as one of our competitors.
  10. 10. MARKET ANALYSIS Target market: we want to keep that flavor and quality exactly same and attract the new generation of our country. we come up with the idea of serving those types of food which are not harmful for their health at all. Our target will be , Officers with moderate income  Businessmen with high incomes  People who lives in Banani, Gulshan  People with high living standards So our main target would be these group. If we could establish our brand and create loyalty customers then these customers can really prove to be profitable.
  11. 11. Competitive strategy Michael Porter defines this strategy as the combination of three strategy presented in the below, Cost Leadership Differentiation Future focus strategy
  12. 12. CONTINUE Cost Leadership : To compete with the competitors we will follow lowest cost strategy. If we can collect our product from the main dealer than we can reduce our cost which will help us to keep our product price low. Differentiation : As we are presenting a variety of Dhakaiya products, that definitely it will be a unique one for the present market. It will also help us to differentiate us from the competitors. Future focus strategy : We choose the people from Old-Dhaka and new generation as our target customer along with all income groups.
  13. 13. Sales & Marketing Plan:
  14. 14. Marketing Mix 4P’s Product Price Place Promotion Distribution Channel Desired image & position in market Product Forecast
  15. 15. Distribution Channel Manufacturer Retailer Customer
  16. 16. Operational Plan: Machinery & Equipment Computers.  Refrigerators.  Air Conditioner.  IPS.  Water Filter.  Wall Clock.  Utensils.  Music system.  Credit card reader
  17. 17. Location and Layout: The shop is located in Banani road 11, the space is 200- 300 sq ft. It is a multi storied building and easily accessible by anyone.
  18. 18. Financial, Risk Management & Loan Proposal Plan Start-up Summary The retail outlet will be rented at one of the target location Banani area.. Startup requirements will be financed through owner investments.
  19. 19. Continue 100 90 80 70 60 50 40 30 20 10 0 Year 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016
  20. 20. Financial objectives are Other Objectives are Making a sufficient profit within 5 years Increase revenue day by day Personal development by gaining profit Contribute in social economy Increase entrepreneurial interest by attaining higher position Increase employment opportunity Create opportunity for student to do a part-time job Create Consciousness of the students for their health
  21. 21. Estimated expenses per month Name Amount(TK) Electricity Bill 10000 Water Bill 1000 Staff-1 6000 Staff-2 6000 Telephone & Internet Bill 2000 Transportation 10000 Estimated Service Charge 2000 House Rent 6000 Driver-1 11000 Driver-2 11000 Driver-3 11000 Total 76000
  22. 22. The Financial Assumptions Handling customers, estimates sales revenues and expenses are exaggerated. Direct sale costs for projected product. Revenues can't be ensured until the product do not get the market
  23. 23. Sources funds application For the other expense amount needed approximately 30lack. Get a loan from the bank and repay that loan gradually.
  24. 24. Executive Summary  Kacchi King specialized for food lovers.  Main purpose  Location
  25. 25. Executive Summary Continue  High customer satisfaction excellent service.  Friendly, fair, and enjoyable relationship with customers.  Serve all traditional food
  26. 26. Recommendation & Conclusion For development in Bangladesh we need entrepreneurship. Training facilities and proper evaluation can make the trip easier.