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CRM tool

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CRM tool

  1. 1. Let’s Begin with first thing we need to take care of… Customer Relationships Management
  2. 2. Why CRM ? And why now exactly ?
  3. 3. What’s CRM ?
  4. 4. What is happening Market Corporate NGOs KinderGarden s Schools Aegean Patras Uom AUTH NKUA UniPi Athens MC
  5. 5. What is the consequences Market 1 Market 2 LC B LC A LC D LC Z LC XLC E MC
  6. 6. 1. Nothing till now handling how we Split our market share according to the value propositions of the market itself 2. Hindering the capacity with sharing the same prospects approach 3. Losing a big volume of the market 4. Disability of retaining more than 60% of the traditional partners as no kind of guidelines to ensure the improvement of the customer relationships 5. No History data to gather to get the right market analysis of how we are dealing with our partners 6. No valid contacts from the rejected or on-hold partners which make our company researches more harder 7. No Tracking for the realization of the partnerships either financial or interns fulfillment LC Y Potential Partner LC X Rejected partner What’shappeningnow
  7. 7. What we Need To ensure ? 1. The fair market share between the entities 2. Proper customer relation management 3. Partnerships states movements tracking 4. Financial tracking of the delivery of the partnerships 5. Data hub for our prospects and partners relationships 6. Data hub for our prospects and partners contacts for the next years to be used 7. Functional activity tracking 8. Fast communication for CRM tasks LC X Potential Prospect Raise LC X Actual Partner Re-Raise LC X CRMing Partner Up-Scaling
  8. 8. Welcome to the national CRM tool
  9. 9. The concept of CRM
  10. 10. What actually the tool consist of ?!
  11. 11. Requests • It’s mainly for requesting a prospect (not a partner yet) you need to approach for (phone call – E- mail) to set a visit with him • Main Objective is to ensure the right establishment of a new relationship between us and the market in the proper approach • You began to use this tool as the tab “Requests’ is your first step to use the tool, you need to have the full data about your prospect • Prospect isn’t a partner it’s an entity you see it’s potential to be approached to offer your products to them • Its mainly used after a full company research for your potential markets
  12. 12. HOW ? Step 1 Step 2 Step 2 : • Press the “Add Prospects requests” button and go direct with filling the prospect data to be considered as your official prospect • Note that your request will NOT be saved unless you have the full required data for your prospect Step 1 : • Press the search button to search of your needed prospect is already exist for another LC or not (by putting your prospect name in English in the search button) • If you found its already within another LC’s list so you are NOT allowed to approach the prospect • If you didn’t find a duplication for your prospect then your prospect is free to approach
  13. 13. Partners List • This the second step of your CRM tool implementation after raising the partner (In Kinds – Fund – TNs) raises • To shift to this phase you need to have a signed contract with the partner • This is the list of all your current partners and traditional ones with their data • If your prospect became a partner and didn’t mentioned in the “Partners List” it won’t consider a partner of your yet
  14. 14. Press to put your partner’s data
  15. 15. This will be your channel to update the delivery of the product to your partner and need to updated as you have a final date of delivery
  16. 16. CRM 1. This is the step when you track how is your delivery is going and what the progress for it 2. It’s the enlighten part of how we can analyze the relationship states and how to improve it 3. According to the progress and the feedback of the partners, you know what you should solve on the spot without taking a lot of time to discover your relationship with the customer in a realistic way
  17. 17. Meetings 1. It’s the easy way to track the internal activities in the functional and how it going in terms of the engagement and productivity of the members (MCVP to LCVPs) and (LCVPs to Members)
  18. 18. Tasks 1.The communication channels about the tasks only need to be fulfilled on the tool
  19. 19. Shared on the draft CRM tool for tryouts Inputs sending to your MCVP Total Induction in GROW CRM tool Rules Informing Original CRM tool shared Last induction for the rest of the tool Official tool functioning in total apps crm tool timeline
  20. 20. CRM Tool Rules 1. Immigration • The ceiling for IGCDP Requests is 200 Requests per Product • The Traditional partners is the priority for IGIP,IGCDP and ER to be filled in the tool and for the ER VPs choose the top potential 50 Prospects from your “IGIP,ER Accounts” Spread sheet • Not Allowed to have a request without the full data of your prospect or fake data “It will be Removed from you Requests list” • You have the right to Immigrate your “traditional Partner and Current partner and Open deals prospect” ONLY without being in the market share process 2. Validation of the request • The maximum duration to change the state of your prospect (ex. From visit Done to partner) is 3 weeks and then you have 3 days as tolerance time to change the state after it the request will be deleted and will be free to be contacted by another LCs • For the same request cannot be contacted by any other LC unless it didn’t pass 5 weeks without updating ( check the analysis of the prospect ) • Before putting any request search for it first in the request App if you found it CHECK the last edited time (less than 5 weeks Don’t approach) or your request will be deleted
  21. 21. Thank you 