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[Webinar Slides] Maximizing Workforce Capacity - Proven Practices for Saving Time, Money, and Effort


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Learn how these Intelligent Automation best practices can help you save time, money, and effort by freeing up your manually-driven and paper-based processes.

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[Webinar Slides] Maximizing Workforce Capacity - Proven Practices for Saving Time, Money, and Effort

  1. 1. Underwritten by: #AIIMYour Digital Transformation Begins with Intelligent Information Management Webinar Title Presented DATE Maximizing Workforce Capacity: Proven Practices for Saving Time, Money, and Effort
  2. 2. Underwritten by: Today’s Speakers Kevin Craine, MBA Content Strategist, AIIM AIIM On Air Podcast Host Tyler Suss Product Marketing Director – Intelligent Automation Kofax Host: Theresa Resek, CIP VP, Market Intelligence AIIM
  3. 3. Underwritten by: Kevin Craine, MBA AIIM Content Strategist AIIM On Air Podcast Host Introducing our Featured Speaker
  4. 4. Underwritten by: Time To Work Smarter Covid-19 has made the “impossible” suddenly possible. Organizations are rethinking the way they do business. Digital Transformation is now essential to survive today, and compete in the future. To make a difference will require building upon core capabilities workers need to get their work done.
  5. 5. Underwritten by:
  6. 6. Underwritten by: Put “Intelligence” into Information Management According to AIIM research, 58% of organizations are trying to move up the information management value chain. On average, the volume of incoming information will grow from X to 4.5X in the next two years. On average, 57% of the information that must be managed is unstructured. Digitizing, automating, and integrating processes are the top challenge for 46% of organizations.
  7. 7. Underwritten by: Time to End the Paper War Despite digitization, a great deal of business still gets done at “the speed of paper.” Over 80% of firms still use paper checks to pay their suppliers. (According to Corcentric). Over 70% of invoices arrive via postal mail. Over 40% are still delivered via fax machine.
  8. 8. Underwritten by: Post-Pandemic Business Organizations that work at “the speed of paper” will be rendered non- competitive and irrelevant. Think beyond simply scanning and email as digital transformation. Make every worker count, doing high-value activities. Leverage “the new normal” as a competitive advantage.
  9. 9. Underwritten by: Tyler Suss Product Marketing Director Intelligent Automation Kofax Introducing our Speaker
  10. 10. How are companies across industries grappling with the impact of Coronavirus?
  11. 11. Underwritten by: COVID-19 Industry Impact
  12. 12. You say that organizations must think beyond simply scanning paper and capturing email as ‘digital transformation’...and the answer is intelligent automation... What do you mean by that?
  13. 13. Underwritten by: Market Dynamics Shaping Digital Transformation § 80% of enterprise data is unstructured § Citizen developers will outnumber professional developers 4x by 2023 § 65% of applications will be low code by 2024 § Gartner’s #1 Tech Trend of 2020 is Hyperautomation § Executives expect automation to increase workforce capacity 27% over next three years Deloitte Automation with Intelligence: Reimagining the organization in the ‘Age of With’ and Gartner 2020 Tech Trends
  14. 14. Can you give me some specific examples of how intelligent automation can be applied to overcome the “new normal” challenges?
  15. 15. Underwritten by: Three Stages to Every Severe Market Crisis How can we best respond? Stage One: Initial Reaction What is the “new normal”? Stage Two: Sizing Up New Truths How can we accelerate growth? Stage Three: Winning in the Turn Market Value Time • Mitigation Plan • Communicate to Customers, Partners and market • Define new normal • Execute with fewer resources and new remote workforce • Engage customers digitally • New product demand / mix • Innovation • Focused execution • Portfolio/Product rationalization Market Impact Time
  16. 16. How do I do it? What are some best practices for getting started on an Intelligent Automation journey? What should I look for and do to promote results?
  17. 17. Underwritten by: Intelligent Automation Journey
  18. 18. What are some of the risks that organizations should avoid?
  19. 19. Underwritten by: We found that 98% experienced challenges due to an unintegrated ‘point solution’ approach to automation… Which of the following challenges has your organization experienced with your automation technology? 2% 18% 31% 34% 38% 38% 43% 48% 48% We have not experienced any challenges with our automation technology. We do not have clear purpose from executives on automation. Our employees don't like the disruption to their routine. We lack budget to build the automation platform we need. We lack the budget to purchase the automation platform we need. Users struggle to understand it. Employees are concerned about automation hurting their job importance. Our employees lack the technical skills needed to navigate the automation platform. We have multiple technologies that are not well integrated. Source: A commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of Kofax, January 2020 Base: 450 automation and AI decision makers
  20. 20. What are some of the tangible benefits of using this approach to intelligent automation?
  21. 21. Underwritten by: Intelligent Automation – an integrated platform approach
  22. 22. What should CIO’s, technologists and business leaders think about and strategize for now in order to be prepared for a post- pandemic business landscape?
  23. 23. Underwritten by: Companies that embrace digital first, focus on outcomes and invest in IA platforms will improve their odds of Winning in the Turn Best of Breed Platform Capacity-creating Frictionless Experiences Digital-First Investment
  24. 24. Underwritten by:Underwritten by: #2 of 18 Only vendor to score in top three across all RPA use cases and highest in AI, ML and NLP Gartner Critical Capabilities for Robotic Process Automation Dec 2019 Everest Intelligent Document Processing Peak Matrix Mar 2020 #1 overall score of 18 vendors
  25. 25. Underwritten by: Why Kofax for Intelligent Automation? Unlock Data with Powerful AI Built-in Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning, rapidly unlocks value in business data Build Smarter and Faster Low code capabilities enables business users to build, deploy, and manage workflows with ease Enterprise Ready Faster deployment with thin client, services oriented architecture One Platform Reduce costs and remove operational obstacles, govern your entire automation environment from one platform Leader in Intelligent Document Processing Market leader in Cognitive Capture & OCR accuracy across all channels; paper, email, mobile, and more… Smart Integration One-click connections to critical systems, easier Integrations with no coding
  26. 26. Underwritten by: Why Kofax Intelligent Automation? • Industry Leading AI out-of-the-box, built in AI skills and recognized leading NLP, ML, and document intelligence capabilities • Build and Deploy Automation Faster with no-code and accelerated deployment capabilities • Control, Secure, and Govern a multi- vendor automation environment from an enterprise ready platform
  27. 27. Underwritten by: Take the Next Step Turn to AIIM as a resource for research and learning Talk with the Supplier and Services Providers Pick one thing we discussed today and bring that back into your organization to improve your information management processes and practices Intelligent Information Management begins with you
  28. 28. Underwritten by: #AIIMYour Digital Transformation Begins with Intelligent Information ManagementYour Digital Transformation begins with Intelligent Information Management