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[Webinar Slides] New Approaches to Classification and Retention for Organizational Intelligence


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In this webinar, we explore a new approach to managing your Organizational Intelligence that won’t disrupt user’s work habits.

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[Webinar Slides] New Approaches to Classification and Retention for Organizational Intelligence

  1. 1. Underwritten by: #AIIMYour Digital Transformation Begins with Intelligent Information Management Webinar Title Presented DATE New Approaches to Classification and Retention for Organizational Intelligence An AIIM Webinar presented January 29, 2020
  2. 2. Underwritten by: #AIIMYour Digital Transformation Begins with Intelligent Information ManagementYour Digital Transformation begins with Intelligent Information Management
  3. 3. Underwritten by: Tips for Participating in Today’s Webinar Resources Survey For questions to the speakers, held for the end (and tech help). Q&A A Survey will open at the conclusion of the webinar – we value your feedback on how we did today. Survey To talk with each other, found in the icons along the bottom. Note: everyone can see and participate. Group Chat Check out the Resources available to you today, in the box to the right of the slides. Resources
  4. 4. Underwritten by: Peggy Winton, CIP President & CEO AIIM Chris McNulty Senior Product Manager Microsoft Today’s Speakers
  5. 5. Underwritten by: Peggy Winton, CIP President & CEO AIIM Introducing our Speaker
  6. 6. Underwritten by: Volume and Velocity and Variety, oh my!
  7. 7. Underwritten by:
  8. 8. Underwritten by: Overflowing and Incompatible
  9. 9. Underwritten by: Let’s Do Something About It
  10. 10. Underwritten by: What’s in a Name? … a new approach that ensures knowledge finds the people – in whatever application they’re using – versus asking the people to find the knowledge
  11. 11. Underwritten by: Mott MacDonald INDUSTRY Operating from 180 principal offices in 50 countries, Mott MacDonald is a global engineering and consulting firm helping clients navigate many of the planet’s most intricate challenges. Looking to help their employees more easily share and acquire knowledge, Mott MacDonald deployed Project Cortex, a knowledge and content services solution. Now employees can learn and contribute to practice areas and projects by tapping into the organization’s knowledge communities from anywhere in Microsoft 365. “Our success is based on our employee’s knowledge and how they apply that knowledge to what they’re doing. Cortex enables connected thinking …helping us realize quicker speed to market with our projects.” - Productivity Applications Architect, Mott MacDonald
  12. 12. Underwritten by: Mott McDonald took these Steps: Content Integration for a single view of needed information, including from remote sources Content Classification (digital and paper documents) using tagging and metadata with some help from machine learning Process Analysis to identify and eliminate information bottlenecks
  13. 13. Underwritten by: Is Your Content Generating Value in Context?
  14. 14. Underwritten by: It’s Not That Easy
  15. 15. Underwritten by: Business challenges Search challenges degrade individual productivity and team effectiveness Disconnected silos of information Tacit knowledge and expertise of individuals and communities is untapped Protecting intellectual property Knowledge drain from people leaving your team or organization
  16. 16. Underwritten by: The Logical Step Forward …
  17. 17. Underwritten by: Migration guidance –
  18. 18. Underwritten by: 60% Still Processed Manually 10% 15% 12% 13% 11% 9% 8% 8% 6% 3% 4% 0% 10% 20% 30% 40% 50% 60% 70% 80% 90% 100% Think about all of the information and forms of information coming into your organization. What would be your guess for the percentage of this information that is processed AUTOMATICALLY?
  19. 19. Underwritten by: Closing the Gap
  20. 20. Underwritten by: Project Cortex – your knowledge network in Microsoft 365 Automatically connect and organize knowledge Connect, manage, and protect your content Empower people with just-in-time knowledge
  21. 21. Underwritten by: The Flipside of Content Input
  22. 22. Underwritten by: Top Targets for Automating Classification Automatically classify/declare content at the point of ingestion to ECM/RM/email system Automatically classify/declare content as part of workflow/process Prompt for records declaration and suggest classification 52% 48% 44%
  23. 23. Underwritten by: Better together: People + AI New AI services and capabilities to make it easier to build content understanding and classification apps directly into the content management flow of Project Cortex Automated object detection Forms processing File classification and entity extraction Manual for photos, scanned files, receipts, business cards for forms, claims, applications, invoices, medical forms Customize for your org’s forms Taught by your subject matter experts for contracts, business agreements, proposals, manuals, resumes Smart, right out of the box
  24. 24. Underwritten by: One Way to Leverage Content at Scale
  25. 25. Underwritten by: Top Drivers for Process Automation improving data quality reducing manual errors improving customer service … all clearly tied to the creation of seamless customer experiences
  27. 27. Project Cortex General Availability 1H 2020 Get more information Apply to join Private Preview See more AIIM Conference 2020!