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apidays LIVE Australia - Low Power, High Performance, Easy Access IoT Networks by Michelle Howie


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apidays LIVE Australia - Building Business Ecosystems
Low Power, High Performance, Easy Access IoT Networks
Michelle Howie, Developer Advocate at TelstraDev

Published in: Technology
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apidays LIVE Australia - Low Power, High Performance, Easy Access IoT Networks by Michelle Howie

  1. 1. Low Power, High Performance, Easy Access IoT Networks Michelle Howie, TelstraDev Developer Advocate @TelstraDev & @Michelle2Minhye
  2. 2. Dull, Dirty, Dangerous or Distant use cases Saving energy, time, money Being Safer and more entertaining The Internet ofThings
  3. 3. How are they connected? Devices Network Applications Copyright Telstra©Page 5 Telstra Dev @APIDaysAU 2020
  4. 4. Low power consumption Low cost High geographical coverage and penetration
  5. 5. Page 7 LPWAN Copyright Telstra© Low Power Wide Area Networks • Long distances (120km!) • Deeper coverage (underground!) • Longer Batter Life • Remote monitoring • Automatic updates • In-built security Telstra Dev @APIDaysAU 2020
  6. 6. Low latency High data rates Congested Areas
  7. 7. 5G is the 5th Generation of mobile network technologies This is a great 5G use caseWhat does the ‘G’ stand for?
  8. 8. Page 11 5G Application Programming Interface. Makes the complex simple. Allows software solutions to communicate with each other. Powering everything Telstra Though? Yes! We have the network and thousands of devs. We have a FREE TRIAL for the messaging API you can sign up for: Copyright Telstra© What will 5G enable? Bandwidth, Speed, and Capacity Telstra Dev @APIDaysAU 2020
  9. 9. Copyright Telstra©Page 12 5G is not magic • 5G will reduce bottlenecks in speed, bandwidth and capacity for mobiles • You still need an optimised end to end digital ecosystem: – Cloud Compute – Edge Compute – Artificial Intelligence – Next generation devices – Open APIs Aka Digital Proximity Telstra Dev @APIDaysAU 2020
  10. 10. Scale up and down for a diverse range of use cases. the IoT network that meets your needs. High bandwidth - scaling up performance and mobility Cellular LPWAN - scaling down complexity, power and speed 4G Cat 1 LTE-M NB-IoT Satellite Telstra Air® and Bluetooth nbn™ / Telstra Fixed 5G Mobile network technologies Complementary technologies Critical security Autonomous vehicles Remote critical robotics Video security Connected Home Asset tracking Smart venues Water and gas metering Agricultural monitoring Asset tracking Remote healthcare Mobiles Telematics Smart cities Smart buildings Environmental monitoring Industrial sensors Telematics Smart buildings Home appliances Wearables
  11. 11. APIs expose data securely The Accessibility
  12. 12. API value in IoT @ scale • BYO dashboard • BYO devices • We provide YOUR data via APIs
  13. 13. Network Exposure APIs “Exposure – and service exposure in particular – will be critical to the creation of the programmable networks that businesses need to communicate efficiently with Internet of Things (IoT) devices, handle edge loads and pursue the myriad of new commercial opportunities in the 5G world.” – Ericsson Machine Type Comms: NIDD, Event Monitoring, QoS
  14. 14. Copyright Telstra© TelstraDev @ APIDays 2020Page 17 What is TelstraDev? API & IoT Marketplace Exposing core network products & services On demand, in the hands of devs Developer Community: forum, tutorials, blogs Rapid prototyping ready to scale We deal with internal complexity, security, scalability and performance so developers can focus on MAKING THINGS! So what?
  15. 15. Q&A @michelle2minhye @TelstraDev
  16. 16. Thank you @michelle2minhye @TelstraDev