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#ATAGTR2020 Presentation - GraphQL for CICD integration


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Arunraj Karnam & Vivek Rajagopal delivered a Lightning Talk on "GraphQL for CICD Integration" at ATAGTR2020

ATAGTR2020 was the 5th Edition of Global Testing Retreat.

Arunraj is a Performance Test Analyst from Cognizant Technology Solutions who has nearly 10 years of experience in Development and Quality Assurance.

Vivek is a Performance Test Analyst with 7+ years of experience in IT Industry. He has good experience in Banking, Retail, and Manufacturing & Logistics domains for the customers in APAC, USA & UK regions.

The video recording of the session is now available on the following link:

To know more about #ATAGTR2020, please visit:

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#ATAGTR2020 Presentation - GraphQL for CICD integration

  1. 1. Graph QL for CICD Integration Arunraj Karnam, Performance Test Engineer, Cognizant Technology Solutions. © 2020 Cognizant Authors: Vivek Rajagopal, Performance Test Engineer, Cognizant Technology Solutions.
  2. 2. © 2020 Cognizant Contents • Execution Challenges • GraphQL • Implementation • Major Challenges addressed • Other Benefits
  3. 3. © 2020 Cognizant Execution Challenges “Stand alone executions will have problem of losing track and make them accountable for either Shift Left or Shift Right processes” “Test data preparation took 1-2 hours per test based on complexity and requires manual updates into the CICD Pipeline.” “Customer requirement kept changing and ~6 load tests per day were executed. Manual intervention for test data has actually delayed the whole CICD process”
  4. 4. • A modern ways of building and querying APIs • It uses REST Technology • It is String interpreted by a Server that returns data in a specified Format • GraphQL server Expose single Endpoint • Enables Declarative Data Fetching GraphQL © 2020 Cognizant
  5. 5. Implementation • Create a GraphQL project • Deploy it into a Web server Via Repo • Verify the same through browser • Replicate the same and integrate in Jmeter • Once execution is started, Test data’s will be extracted from the GraphQL response © 2020 Cognizant
  6. 6. © 2020 Cognizant Major Challenges addressed Running Performance tests across various environments Externalizing the environment Clean up run generated time files Building scalable data-driven script without learning distributed systems Accountable in Shift Right or Shift Left model
  7. 7. Other Benefits • Increasing code quality and ensuring the performance is addressed at the component level itself • Reduction of 10-20% hours for test data preparation per test based on the script complexity • Using the Azure DevOps the nightly jobs can be executed • No Over fetching or under fetching the data • Number of JMeter code check-in's will be reduced, except script changes if Required © 2020 Cognizant
  8. 8. Thank You