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AVAR Freedom Card Marketing System: How successful can you be?


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AVAR LifeStyle Design provides a rejection- free marketing system. How Successful Can You Be? See the presentation to see what your potential earnings could like if you follow the simple system.

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AVAR Freedom Card Marketing System: How successful can you be?

  2. 2. AVAR Freedom Card Program Create a real, viable income giving away $75 Product Value Freedom Cards to qualified prospects!
  3. 3. AVAR Freedom Card FlowStep 1 - Give the cards away to qualified prospects (online or in person).
  4. 4. AVAR Freedom Card FlowStep 2 - Prospect redeems card on the AVAR Freedom Card portal page.
  5. 5. AVAR Freedom Card Flow www.MyUltimateLifestyle.comYour prospect redeems the card andreceives a 10 Day Supply of ourpopular META Trim product and a fullbottle of our META pH MineralDrops.META Trim contains ingredientsknown for their natural fat burningbenefits: African Mango, RaspberryKetones and Green Tea Extract.META pH Mineral Drops naturallybalances your body’s pH for immunesystem support, reduces acidity levelsin the body and flushes out toxicwastes for optimal health.
  6. 6. AVAR Freedom Card FlowStep 3 - Prospect goes into database and begins to receive a series of autoresponder emails.
  7. 7. Why The System Is So Effective?• You look like a professional immediately!• You look like youre working, even when youre not!• Presents your products and business 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!• Automatically follows up with people … continuously educating them!• Is so automated and easy, your prospects will WANT to participate!• Provides a simple step-by-step training system to follow and ensure your success!
  8. 8. How Successful Can You Be?• You purchase 20 Freedom Cards ($279), each worth $75. That’s $1,500 in product value at your disposal.• You simply give away those 20 cards to qualified prospects and all 20 redeem them for the sample pack.• 5 of those 20 then become advocates and purchase the $197 Life Pack. 5 x $30 = $150
  9. 9. How Successful Can You Be?• 5 x 20 = 100 cards = 25 new advocates (2nd)• 25 x $20 = $500 IRC• 5 of those 20 then become customers and purchase the $219 Life Pack.• 5 x $219 = $1,095 x 30% = $328 $150(1st)+$500(2nd)+$328 = $978
  10. 10. How Successful Can You Be? 3rd Level Activity• 25 x 20 = 500 cards = 125 new advocates• 125 x $10 = $1,250 IRC $150(1st)+$500(2nd)+$328+$1,250 = $2,228