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Shark Tank Project


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Shark Tank Project

  2. 2. About  Us…   Founded  in  2013  by  five   University  of  Dallas  students   Serving  mainly  the  needs  of  the                           University  of  Dallas  community   Specialized  in  digital  document   edi@ng  and  prin@ng  services   Have  established  a  significant   market  share  in  Irving  area  by   cornering  the  UD  market  
  3. 3. IniJaJves  in  2015   To  offer  delivery  services     To  add  addi@onal  laptops/ desktop  computers     To  add  addi@onal  staff  members     Begin  hos@ng  a  customer   website   • Customer  account  and  order  history   • Upload  documents   • Order  requests  
  4. 4. Investment  Opportunity   Company  valued  at  $100,000   • Based  on  valua@on  of  assets   plus  valua@on  of  goodwill   Asking  for  investment  of   $10,000  for  10%  ownership   of  company  
  5. 5. IniJaJves  Requiring  Your  Investment…   Expand  to  a  larger  commercial   loca@on     Adjust  the  leased  space  to  fit  our   needs     Upgrade  exis@ng  infrastructure   • Increase  volume  capacity   • Increase  prin@ng  quality  and  speed   Lease  an  addi@onal  high-­‐end  printer   to  expand  range  of  prin@ng  offerings        
  6. 6. Long  Term  Goals  (5+  years)   Serving  the  greater  DFW   area     Partnerships  with  local   businesses     Partnerships  with   community  colleges  and   small  local  colleges  
  7. 7. Paper+Ink     8%   Staples   22%   Kinkos   17%  FedEx   14%   Office  Depot   20%   Other   19%   Irving  Area   Market  for   Small-­‐Batch   PrinKng  and   Digital   EdiKng   Services:   Market  PotenJal   Growth  Poten@al:   In  2  years,  we   es@mate  holding   10-­‐12%  of  the   market  share  
  8. 8. SWOT  Analysis Strengths:     Specializa@on  knowledge   Industry  connec@ons     Access  to  funding     Products  are  highly  desired  by  local   students  and  faculty     Word-­‐of-­‐mouth  marke@ng  and   referrals   OpportuniKes:       Con@nued  expansion  for  online  sales     Ability  to  develop  addi@onal  stores     Development  of  proprietary  products     Limited  compe@@on  in  the  Irving  area       Delivery  services   Weaknesses:     Compe@tors  can  offer  similar   products  quickly     Limited  start  up  costs  for  new   businesses   Limited  flexibility  in  pricing     Currently,  limited  ability  to  handle   volume  orders   Threats:     Products  are  already  sold  by  major   compe@tors     Insurance  costs  are  con@nually   increasing     Increases  in  price  inputs  can  cause   upward  pricing     Rent  cost  may  increase  in  the  future    
  9. 9. CompeJJve  Advantage Hurdles   • Compe@@ve  pricing       • Commissions  on  orders   • Satellite  offices     Barriers   • Compe@ng  in  a  large   market   • Billboard  Adver@sement   market   • Banner  prin@ng  market  
  10. 10. What  Makes  Us  Different? Customer  service   • We  offer  digital  edi@ng  services   which  our  compe@tors  cannot   Lower  Prices   End  to  end  services   Technology  access/usage   • Higher  customer-­‐website  uploading   capacity  than  our  compe@tors  
  11. 11. Product  AlternaJves   Alterna@ves:   • Prin@ng  at  home   • Prin@ng  with  the  compe@@on   • Library   • School       How  compe@@ve  is  our   pricing?  
  12. 12. Menu  of  Services
  13. 13. CosJng   $24.  68/Per  Service  Hour   • Includes  coverage  of  expenses,   fixed  and  variable  costs       Cos@ng  for  prin@ng  varies  by   size  and  type  (color,  B&W)    
  14. 14. Pro  Forma  Income  Statement
  15. 15. Pro  Forma  Balance  Sheet Current Ratio 65/1   Quick Ratio 64/1       Our  High  liquidity   prepares  us  for   upcoming  ini@a@ves    
  16. 16. Cash  Flow  Analysis   We  see  a  slight  dip  in  the  first  year  due  to  investment,  but  then  a  con@nued   gradual  growth.  
  17. 17. Profitability   What  is  the  cost  benefit?   • You  will  earn  your  money  back  quickly     The  Margin  Percentage  and  Gross  profit  dollars:    
  18. 18. Payback  Period You  will  receive  the   amount  of  your   investment  back  by   the  3rd  year  (2017)      
  19. 19. Payback  Period Should  you  choose  to   invest  your  money   with  a  bank  or  us?     Why  you  should   choose  us:   • You’ll  be  making   money  during  a  @me   of  growth!        
  20. 20. Future  Value,  Present  Value,  NPV
  21. 21. Thank  you  for  your  consideraJon!