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I will Creat your Email template


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Why use Templates?

Using a template is essentially committing to a certain layout of your content. Before locking in a layout, you’ll want to know the goal of the emails you plan to build with the template. Knowing this will help determine the type and length of content that will best achieve this goal. If you have a few different goals, you may need more than one template. Once you’ve selected your template, be consistent about using images and copy that fit into the template’s specifications. While this may seem constraining, it’s actually liberating; with the template already decided, you can now focus on the quality of your content each time you prepare an email rather than on the structure of your email. By reusing the same template each time you want to fulfill a specific email goal, you are implementing a time-saving system for your marketing program, as well as providing your subscribers with consistent, well-formatted emails.

Creating your Template System

There are a few ways to move forward with an appropriate template for your needs, here they are listed from easy to… not for beginners.

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I will Creat your Email template

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