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Pantry service


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Pantry Service and Conversational Skills

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Pantry service

  2. 2. ICE BREAKING O Kindly Switch On your Mobile after 1 PM. O Kindly ensure break time is 15 minutes, being late will have to do “What Trainees Say” O Participation & Interaction is Mandate
  3. 3. OBJECTIVE O Definition of Pantry Service O Grooming Practices For Gentlemen & Ladies O Conversational skills O List of No-No’s O Telephone Etiquettes O Attributes of a F&B Personnel
  4. 4. PERSONAL HYGIENE HAIR Should be clean, washed regularly, use good shampoo & properly comb hair at least 4 – 5 times a day or whenever needed. Treat hair for ailments i.e Lice, Dandruff etc. on time. Ladies:- Comb your hair neatly, never leave hair loose near food area or otherwise, unless situation demands. Maintain hairstyle that suits you. Men:- Should have short hair, neatly cut. Combed or oiled properly. Men should be either clean-shaven or sport a neatly trimmed beard.
  5. 5. PERSONAL HYGIENE O NAILS Ladies:- Should be short & clean. Well – manicured nails accentuate the beauty of a woman’s hand. Avoid too many rings & jewellery, preferably restrict to one. Men:- If not inclined to have a professional manicure & pedicure, it should be done on one’s own regularly.
  6. 6. PERSONAL HYGIENE O CLOTHES Ladies:- Clean, well – ironed clothes should be worn regularly. Soiled clothes reflect very badly on the image of the company. Do not wear loud and revealing clothes. Men:- Immaculately clothed & groomed men are impressive. But they certainly should not look unkempt or odd. Clean, well – ironed clothes should be worn regularly. Undergarments should be clean & changed regularly. Soiled clothes reflect vey badly on the image of the company.
  7. 7. PERSONAL HYGIENE O SHOES & SOCKS Clean polished, back & brown shoes. Ensure that the shoes are polished regularly. Socks should be changed daily & those, which elasticity or have holes in them, must not be used. Thick sports socks must be used with ked and not with leather shoes.
  8. 8. GROOMING LADIES Hair :- Clean, well combed, well kept hair. No fashionable hairstyles but should be neat and trendy. If hair is long keep it nicely tied up into a braid or a ponytail. Short hair should be combed regularly to keep it looking neat & tidy. It does needs maintenance as in frequent combing. Make Up :- Should be bare minimum. Never put too much make up to work.  Lipstick :- Should suit the skin & complexion type. Can wear any color/ shade as long as it suits you.  Eyeliner :- Generally available in 3 colors Black, Blue & Brown. Eyeliner should be applied carefully outlining the eye. Blusher :- Shade should again complement the skin color & time of the day. Light shades to be used in the daytime and darker colors at night.  Care Of Hands & Feet :- Hands should be well kept and nails o be manicured regularly. Nails should be long and well shaped. Similarly feet should be pedicured and nails to be painted, heels should be free from excess dead skin.  Body Odor :- Use a good deodorant or perfume to avoid bad odor from the body.
  9. 9. GROOMING O MEN Hair :- Men should always have their hair well trimmed. It should be brushed back & kept in place, if necessary with a styling gel or mousse. A man should be always clean shaven or sport a neatly trimmed beard. Clothes :- Men should be well dressed with formal shirts & trousers, preferably long sleeve shirts buttoned at the cuffs. The trousers could be light or dark keeping the principles of color co-ordination in mind.
  10. 10. GROOMING O Care Of Clothes :- There is one cardinal rule to be followed- ‘ Whatever one wears, let it always be well pressed, well brushed and scrupulously clean. A collar if not laundered properly will lose its shape, a trouser not ironed properly can get a wrong knife-edged crease, which spoils the shape entirely. O Wallet :- Those in the habit of carrying a wallet should invest in a slim leather wallet of good quality and in no circumstances it should bulge. O Handkerchief :- Use only freshly laundered, good quality handkerchiefs. It would be unpardonable to sport a soiled handkerchief.
  11. 11. CONVERSATIONAL SKILLS O DO’S  Smile while talking  Maintain eye contact. Don’t look at something or somebody else.  Take notice of the other person’s point of view. Be a good listener.  Encourage people to talk about themselves. They don’t mind questions as long as they aren’t too personal.  Ask open ended questions. Questions that elicit a Yes/No stops the flow of conversation.  Close a conversation gracefully. Excuse yourself at the end of the conversation.
  12. 12. CONVERSATIONAL SKILLS O DON’TS  Monopolize the conversation. Others like to express their opinions too.  Talk about your health, the cost of things or vulgar jokes.  Fidget, wave your arms around or draw diagrams with your hands in the air – your voice alone should be able to communicate what you want to say.  Allow your voice to be high pitched if you are tense or agitated.  Speak in deadpan voice, which will depress the other person.  Slouch when talking – bad posture wreaks havoc when you speak.
  13. 13. LIST OF NO-NO’S  Do not salt or season your food before you taste it.  Do not pour enough food for the next mouthful.  Do not push your plates away when you are finished.  Do not blow on liquids that are too hot.  Put butter on your side plate or dinner plate, not directly on the roll.  Do not soil something , blot what you can with your napkin. Do not get flustered.  Do not put your tea/Coffee spoon in the cup. Place it on the saucer beside the cup.
  14. 14. TELEPHONE ETIQUETTES O Importance of Telephone Manners Telephone Etiquettes plays an important role in one’s personal & professional life. It is difficult but the most commonly used method to make a good impression of yourself and the organization you work for. O Tips for good telephone communication:- Adequate Preparation :- Always have pertinent information at hand before calling a client. By being prepared you can organize your thoughts, be ready to answer questions & avoid wasting the clients time. Adequate Time:- Take steps that you will not be interrupted while making a call to your client. Clients deserve your undivided attention. Direct Contact:- Always dial the call personally. It can irritate a client if he is made to hold the line for a prolonged period with the hold music on.
  15. 15. TELEPHONE ETIQUETTES  Courtesy & Respect:- Intermediaries such as Secretaries, Receptionist, Clerks & Assistants should be treated courteously and with due respect over phone.  Brevity :-. Calls should be kept short and to the point unless the client want to chat. Avoid giving the information of being in a hurry. Never slam the receiver down while the client is online.  Timing :- Respect the hours of the client. Avoid calling during the late afternoon or early morning hours not even too late at night until & unless the client is OK with it.
  16. 16. TELEPHONE ETIQUETTES Points to be checked during communication over phone  Tone Of Voice :- Your voice should reflect sincerity, pleasantness, confidence & interest. It is important to have a ‘verbal smile’ – something you can achieve by smiling ass you speak.  Pitch :- A low – pitched voice is desirable. Low voices carry better and are more pleasant to the listener.  Inflection :- Avoid talking in a monotone. Enunciate clearly and emphasize key words. You can generate interest by modulating your voice.  Understandability :- Avoid talking with anything (Gum, cigarette, pen or pencil etc.) in your mouth. Be careful not to talk too fast. If you talk too fast, your words may be misunderstood and the listener may loose your message.
  17. 17. SAMPLE TELEPHONE ETIQUETTE GUIDELINE THIS IS BETTER  “Good Morning Mailroom, Mr. Souvik speaking. How may I assist you?”  “ I am sorry, I was unable to hear your name clearly, Would you repeat it for me please”  “Yes, Mr. Parekh. I’ll be happy to request that for you.”  “Would you kindly hold on while I check, please”  “Mr. Parekh, sorry to keep you holding. I have that information for you.”  “It was pleasure talking to you Mr. Bajaj.” THAN THIS  “Mailroom”  “What name did you say? I can’t hear you?”  “Ok, I will do what I can.”  “Just a minute”  “Listen, here is the information for you.”  “Bye-Bye, That’s OK” “All right, bye”
  18. 18. ATTRIBUTES OF F&B Personnel O A shower or bath should be taken daily. O Always use deodorant and body odor should be pleasant. O Pay particular attention to your hands. They must be always clean with well trimmed nails O Males should be clean shaved and moustache neatly trimmed. O Females should only wear light make up. O Ear rings should not be worn with possible exception of studs. O Uniform should be clean, proper starched and neatly pressed or ironed. All buttons must be present. O Hair must be well trimmed and clean.
  19. 19. ATTRIBUTES OF F&B Personnel O Shoes must be comfortable, clean and well polished. O Your teeth should be brushed properly before joining duty to avoid bad odor from mouth. O Cuts and burns should be covered with well dressings. O Anny colds or possible infections should be immediately reported to your Supervisor. O Your hands should be washed properly after use of toilets, smoking . O Try to avoid mannerisms such as running your fingers through your hair, chewing gum or scratching your face. O Excessive Jewellery should be avoided. O Should have proper knowledge food and drinks which are to be served. O Local knowledge is required to be known by the service personnel.
  20. 20. DO’S & DON’T’S OF A PANTRY BOY DO’S DON’T’s O Shave Everyday with proper trimmed moustache O Wear clean & laundered uniform O Wear Black belts with good buckles O Nails should be well trimmed. O No fancy watches to be worn nor excess of jewellery. O Always serve with a smiling face O Clean black socks with polished shoes O Listen properly to the clients requirements. O Hair not cut properly or combed O Wrinkled uniforms are not allowed. O No arguments with the client O Do not misbehave with the client or customers O Do not go very close to the client or customer while service. O Never approach to the client or customer without a scribbling pad while taking the order.
  21. 21. DO’S & DON’T’S OF A PANTRY BOY DO’s DON’T’s O Service and clearance should be always done from right hand side. O Always knock the door before entry. O Punctuality should be maintained. O Do not place or take order when any conversation is going on O Always give priority to Ladies clients. O Always keep in touch with the coordinators & seniors. O Handover and takeover of a shift should be taken properly. O Never serve tea or coffee bare handed O Never make noise with cutleries and crockeries inside the Conference or Board Room when meeting is on
  22. 22. Client Visit Checklist 1 Date of Visit 2 Time of Visit 3 Visit Itirenary 4 Car Entry Permission 5 Client Name & other details 6 Welcome Board 7 Meeting / Conference Room 8 Deep Cleaning of Meeting / Conference room 9 Flower Bouquet (If required) 10 Table set up as per Head count of meeting 11 Tent Card 12 Projector and Screen Check 13 Power socket checking 14 Light checking 15 Marker & Duster 16 White Board cleaning 17 Indoor Plants Checking 18 Flip chart Board with papers 19 AM tea Time 20 PM tea Time 21 Lunch Type 22 Lunch Time Pantry Boy
  25. 25. Questionnaire & interaction session
  26. 26. THANK YOU