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Now That You Have A CDP Ready, What's Next?


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Having all the right data in one place, even if it is organized into unified customer profiles, is necessary but not sufficient to ensure that the data can then be activated to run well-orchestrated marketing campaigns across channels.

The last mile of a complete customer data management strategy also accounts for how the data will be actually moved into marketing technology systems and used to run data-driven marketing campaigns.

For this, the marketing systems need to be integrated not just with the data and each other, but also with the performance tracking and analytics systems to optimize campaigns in real-time.

In this session ( we share real examples of:

- Where to start and how the good use of a CDP in a call centre / loyalty program boosts customer retention, reduce churn and increase client lifetime value
- How it is possible to still grow revenue per customer during the current Covid situation

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Now That You Have A CDP Ready, What's Next?

  2. 2. CDP 4-part series
  3. 3. 87% of executives are not confident they are leveraging all available customer data Source: Forbes
  4. 4. Customer service, call center, and other systems of customer interaction are isolated; information isn’t shared with other tools. Data is collected and stored, but identities are not resolved into a cleansed, de-duped system of record. POS & Inventory Systems Marketers make ad-hoc BI requests, subject to analyst bandwidth. Segments are pulled for outbound marketing on request; not real-time. Digital campaigns are limited to anonymous third party data; isolated for this use case.Website activity is isolated to the web. Disconnected systems make it impossible CRM E-commerce Systems BI Systems Call Center Direct Mail & Email Website Web Personalization Identity Data Digital Ad Campaigns
  5. 5. Consumers Expect Relationships That Marketers Struggle to Deliver “I know you’ve got plenty of data on me – why can’t you do a better job of servicing my needs?” “I opted into your email list and website cookies, but continue to get messages and offers that aren’t relevant to me.” “Your call center rep has no clue that I’m a loyal customer” “You’re always showing me ads for things I don’t care about.”
  6. 6. We go from this.... Digital Advertising Outbound Marketing Call Center Website Personalization POS & Ecommerce Email Call Center Website Third Party Data Append CRM
  7. 7. To something that makes sense Data Sharing Digital Advertising Outbound Marketing Call Center Website Personalization POS & Ecommerce Email Call Center Website Third Party Data Append CRM Acquia Identity Resolution Engine Monitors transactions, profiles, and events to continuously resolve customer identities Acquia Machine Learning Framework, Performs supervised learning, and collaborative filtering algorithms--all of which are metadata configurable to support both out-of-the-box and custom models. Acquia Integration Framework which handles data input to and output from the Acquia’s customer data platform in real-time.
  8. 8. Demographic Data Append Identity Resolution + Data Cleanse + Deduplication Machine Learning + OOTB Intelligent Segmentation + Flexible to extend Next best action + Multi-Channel Activation Example Data Sources Example Experiences / Activation Transaction Systems – Customer – Transactions – Transaction Items – Product Category – Organisation Customer Interaction Email Web Behaviour Social Transaction Systems Opt-in/Opt-out feeds Customer Interaction Email / SMS Call Centre platforms Digital Advertising Social Remarketing Analytics/API Power BI / Datastudio Open, Actionable and Iterative Data Platform MAXIMISE CUSTOMER LIFETIME VALUE Web Tag
  9. 9. B2C Marketing - Generate and grow company revenues and profits
  10. 10. Develop Use Cases Across the Lifecycle GROW Target right offers and messages to maximize margin and retention ACQUIRE Acquire customers at a lower cost; boost effectiveness of digital advertising ENGAGE Increase customer engagement & enable 1:1 personalization Analytics Machine Learning Insights
  11. 11. Seamless Omnichannel Experience White goods manufacturer Arcelik turned to Acquia CDP to marry its disparate data endpoints into a single customer view. 6x 250m 60m Deduplicated customer records 24% Conversion rates on QuickWin campaigns Improvement in SMS conversion
  12. 12. Situation Call centers are a key customer touchpoint, generating revenue & contributing to customer satisfaction & retention. Without a CDP Call center agents only have visibility into previous support calls and transaction history. Brand’s Dilemma How to give call center agents the full picture of the customer, so they can personalize the call experience & reduce churn? The CDP Difference By giving agents the 360 Customer Profile, agents can tailor the call, response, and follow-up to each individual. Personalised Call Centre Experiences
  13. 13. US consumers are willing to spend 17% more with companies that deliver excellent customer service. Source: American Express Customer Service Barometer
  14. 14. Situation Goal: Increase upsell conversions & improve customer experience Before CDP Agents only had visibility into purchase history and previous communication with call center; could not personalize the conversation when trying to upsell With CDP Agents use CDPS 360 API integrated with call script tool; populates eight fields Results: 100% increase in conversion from outbound call campaigns (from 1% to 2%) Personalised Call Centre Experiences
  15. 15. Seamless Omnichannel Experience White goods manufacturer Arcelik turned to Acquia CDP to marry its disparate data endpoints into a single customer view. 6x 250m 60m Deduplicated customer records 24% Conversion rates on QuickWin campaigns Improvement in SMS conversion
  16. 16. Transforming During the Pandemic Unifying data to build audiences, deliver personalized content and drive results across both online and instore 2xEmail open rates 3xEmail click-through rates 621%Increase in Campaign ROAS
  17. 17. Eliminated Online/Offline Data Silos When lululemon needed a way to bring together online and offline data to gain holistic customer insights and deliver relevant experiences, it chose Acquia Customer Data Platform to take the lead. 15%Increase to baseline revenue 50%Boost in website visits 25%Increase in event participation
  18. 18. INTEREST Search for jacket on web Personalized in-store recommendation Browse other jackets & reviews Receives cart-abandon email & ads for jacket Purchases jacket Receives email confirmation Checks delivery status using voice connected device Receives a personalized offer Rates new jacket Shares on social media AWARENESS CONSIDERATION PURCHASE RETENTION ADVOCACY Break Down Silos to Deliver A Personalized Journey INTEREST AWARENESS PURCHASE RETENTION ADVOCACY
  19. 19. 98%Increase in call center efficiency 99%Increased list pull speed from two weeks to 10 minutes 100%Increased Facebook campaign execution from 3 weeks to 30 minutes Reduced Operating Costs & Increased Efficiency Eliminated agency redundancies and gained efficiencies across marketing, customer service, and IT teams
  20. 20. 30%Overall sales margin 125%Conversion rate 10%Cost per acquisition Stopped Blanket Discounting & Increased Profit Margin Delivered personalized discounts based on machine learning driven customer personas and discount sensitivity
  21. 21. Delivered Loyalty Insights and Boosted Traffic and Revenue At a time when mall traffic has been down, Lids has seen positive year-over-year traffic using Acquia CDP-powered strategies. 53m 25m Deduplicated customer records $250k Incremental revenue from win-back campaign
  22. 22. This business really understands me and exceeds my expectations every time! “It’s so easy to do business with them!” “The messages and offers are always relevant to me.” “I didn’t have to explain my web experience to the call center again” “It’s great that I could start my journey online and finish instore”
  23. 23. DATA DRIVEN MARKETING MATURITY MODEL MATURITY TriggeredCampaigns SegmentedEmail TargetedDirectMail SocialAudiences AdNetworkAudiencess LifecycleCampaigns In-StoreClienteling WebPersonalization In-storeTrafficCapture CallCenter360 PredictiveOptimization DynamicPersonalization JourneyManagement BEGINNER INTERMEDIATE ADVANCED
  24. 24. Bringing it all together! ● CDP is not just limited to digital channel engagement ● Key components of CDP are an Open Integration Framework, Identify Resolution and powerful Machine Learning ● The benefits are improved CX and increased customer LTV ● Start small with a few simple use cases and scale
  25. 25. ACQUIA OPEN DIGITAL EXPERIENCE PLATFORM DRUPAL CLOUD Build, design and run sites and applications MARKETING CLOUD Understand, personalize and engage with customers on any channel Copyright © 2020 Acquia Inc. All Rights Reserved. Drupal is a registered trademark of Dries Buytaert.
  26. 26. CDP 4-part series