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Making Crisis Strategies Work In The Social World #MSMW2015

Making Crisis Strategies Work In The Social World was presented at Malaysia Social Media Week 2015 in Kuala Lumpur.

It introduces the three step process we (Kamber) adopt to ensure our clients have robust crisis strategies in place

To find out more about the conference, visit .

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Making Crisis Strategies Work In The Social World #MSMW2015

  1. 1. MAKING CRISIS STRATEGIES WORK IN THE SOCIAL WORLD Adam Vincenzini Founder and Managing Partner @AdamVincenzini @KamberCo
  2. 2. SESSION FOCUS Introducing and applying the three step process we adopt to ensure our clients have a robust long term crisis strategy in place.
  3. 3. PROCESS OVERVIEW Audit Strategy (and capability framework) Roll Out 1 2 3
  4. 4. Considerations and Variables
  6. 6. THE OLD AND NEW Human factors (No matter the tools, it is people who implement them) Act first, verify second (Everyone wants to be the first) The value of values (Responses consistent with organisational values have much more resonance) The response to the response (How an organisation responds can have more impact than the issue itself) Still vital and won’t change, ever. The role played by social media participants.
  7. 7. PROCESS OVERVIEW Audit C Capture 1 A Analyse R Rank
  8. 8. AUDIT PHASE C Capture • Existing digital footprint • Existing crisis management plan • Existing policies • Existing tools • Previous crisis experiences • Online brand mentions • One-to-one stakeholder interviews A Analyse
  9. 9. AUDIT PHASE Employee activity on site
  10. 10. AUDIT PHASE Claiming social media handles
  11. 11. AUDIT PHASE If it doesn’t, it needs reform Does the social media policy tick the following: • Be legally binding • Inspire staff to take part, rather than instil fear • Reference personal and professional use and the applications of the policy to each • Be easy to digest for all staff competency levels • Give context, usually through the use of a visual / infographic
  12. 12. AUDIT PHASE R Rank • What are the immediate priorities? • Where are the most exposed pressure points? • Which people in the organisation are most vital? • Which channels / influencers require the most monitoring and attention? • Are the right tools in place? • What are people saying about you in general?
  13. 13. AUDIT: KEY OUTTAKE Without the audit, the resulting strategic framework won’t be powered by proof. The strategy must be specific to the operations of the business, not simply follow a generic template.
  14. 14. STRATEGY PHASE Strategy (and capability framework) F Foundations 2 S Safety
  15. 15. AUDIT PHASE F Foundations Key elements: • Objectives • Policies • Education • Access
  16. 16. AUDIT PHASE S Safety Key elements: • Dedicated team • Workflow process • Crises preparedness (for top 5 likely events) • Monitoring and moderation toolkit
  17. 17. PROCESS OVERVIEW Roll Out 3 A Activate T Test R Review
  18. 18. AUDIT PHASE A Activate T Test and learn • Crisis simulation exercise • Mention levels / sentiment • Refreshed toolkit • New workflow processes put in place • Publish updated community guidelines • Refreshed policy circulated
  19. 19. AUDIT PHASE R Review and benchmark • Qualitative feedback • Response time average • Appropriateness of tools / moderation system
  20. 20. Key takeaways
  21. 21. ONE There is no blanket approach, but there are mandatory elements in each crisis strategy.
  22. 22. TWO Crisis simulations are the best (and safest) way to test the strategic framework.
  23. 23. THREE Improvements and optimisations are a continual process.
  24. 24. FOUR Sometimes education is the first step and paves the way for better use of the strategic solution.
  25. 25. FIVE The old principles still apply which makes the human element more important than ever.
  26. 26. BIG FINISH Question time (Let’s get practical) Keep in touch @AdamVincenzini / @KamberCo /