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Adashmore Creative #CultureCode


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A look into Baltimore-area branding and integrated communications agency Adashmore Creative's culture and core values.

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Adashmore Creative #CultureCode

  2. We are Adashmore Creative. a·dash·more [ah-dash-mohr] cre·a·tive [kree-ey-tv] noun 1. Baltimore-based branding and integrated communications agency. Together, we developed ten values to more clearly define our unconventional and passionate culture. #culturecode
  3. Make Yourself Irreplaceable Both within Adashmore Creative and for our clients, it's important that we focus on being an irreplaceable asset. The more integrated we are, the harder it is to part. #culturecode
  4. Work Together, Laugh Together Let’s face it: some days are hard. Help each other out with your work and provide the needed fun to get through it. #culturecode
  5. Big Picture First, Elements Second Its too easy to get caught up in the details. Make sure everything you are doing focuses on the big picture. If the little pieces don’t fit into the overall plan, something isn’t right. #culturecode
  6. Use Your Power For Good Make the most of your skills and give back to those around you. #culturecode
  7. Challenge Ideas & Conduct Experiments There is not a one-sized approach to marketing. See what works. Challenge what’s already there. Don’t be afraid to try something new. #culturecode
  8. Shorten The Gap There are skills we are lacking. Larger agencies have more capabilities. Do your best to shorten this gap with continuing education and effective use of resources. #culturecode
  9. Focus On Value Always think of how to provide more value to our customers, each other, and our network. #culturecode
  10. Find Enjoyment Everyday Client relations is tough. Make sure you take time to find something positive. #culturecode
  11. Present Solutions, Not Problems When you see an issue, think of how you can solve it. Present the issue and the solutions at the same time. #culturecode
  12. Empower Everyone Egos aren’t allowed. We’re a team. It’s not a matter of who is better, it’s a matter of what the group can accomplish. Practice teamwork. #culturecode
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