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OPFoods Food Delivery App


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This is the marketing plan for a hypothetical food delivery app OPFoods, made by me during an internship under Prof. Sameer Mathur, IIM Lucknow.

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OPFoods Food Delivery App

  1. 1. “OPFoods”
  2. 2. Executive Summary 1)Overview of the situation. 2)Company’s goal. 3)Proposed course of action.
  3. 3. Overview of the situation → As the machines are adding convenience to this world and the jobs are turning out to be more sedentary, delivery of goods and services at the doorsteps is of utmost importance and many companies are growing just by satisfying this small need of the customers. With the same perspective, I am showing you people the new food delivery app which is capable of dominating the market in its very first year, OPFoods!!
  4. 4. Company’s goal → Our goal is to provide people with a fast and free food delivery system which can even alleviate some of the taxes which makes the customers step back from ordering at home. The goal will also include information and entertainment.
  5. 5. Proposed Course of Action → The main source of revenue and tax alleviation will be advertising other firms on the food containers and reusable glasses given for the delivery. Along with this, the best quality of customer service, control and coverage will make this app reach the top of the segment in no more than a year.
  6. 6. Situation Analysis 1)Company Overview. 2)Market Overview.
  7. 7. Company Overview → The app(company) will be positioned in food delivery conveniences. There are existing big guns in the market such as Swiggy, Foodpanda, Zomato but none has the tax alleviation feature. We have to hire some delivery executives to deliver in the test market i.e. Mumbai and launch the app next month to invite corrections and shortcomings.
  8. 8. Market Overview → The market for this positioning is growing steadily and people are now preferring home delivery even at higher prices than the direct purchases. The youngsters and working professionals aged 18-35 years will be our core customers. If the app succeeds in its goal, then it can even act as a change of taste for families and middle class people. The potential competitive responses must be countered carefully.
  9. 9. GOAL → The goal of the company in the first year is to achieve the breakeven and reach the top of the popular apps/recommended apps in all the app stores.
  10. 10. Strategy 1)Target Market. 2)Value Proposition. 3)Revenue.
  11. 11. Target Market → 1) Customer - We can focus on their me time and provide the professionals with ease of food delivery at best price. 2) Collaborators - The delivery executives should be given a fixed percentage of the total income in an area. This will make the daily parities vanish. 3) Company - The marketing team has the utmost importance in all the market research programs, promotions and control features which can help efficiently grow the company in minimum time.
  12. 12. Value Proposition → 1) Customers - It will provide them with fast and free delivery of tax free food with the relevant updates and advertisements on things they want to know and stay in touch. 2) Company - The delivery executives will be ranked according to their experience and performance in the company. Special bonuses for those who are best reviewed in a day, will be provided.
  13. 13. Revenue → The revenue collected from advertising will be used in various ways viz, compensating the restaurants(sort of commission) as their footfall will decrease, alleviating the target tax amount from the food orders, promoting the app itself using various communication channels and paying off the salary of the employees.
  14. 14. Tactics 1)Product 2)Service 3)Brand 4)Incentives 5)Communication 6)Distribution
  15. 15. Product → 1) The app will provide alleviation from taxes upto 10% on all amounts of food ordered. 2) It will provide relevant and required advertisements and information on general topics, that the customers want to know. 3) The menu will have the best user interface and each dish will have the description of ingredients and recipe to help in easy decision-making over the vast options.
  16. 16. Service → 1) No minimum order amount required. 2) There will be no shortage of delivery executives and hence, fastest possible service. 3) Maximum mode of payments will be available to cater any type of customer need. 4) Covering the maximum amount of restaurants in a locality to cater all the moods and tastes of the target market.
  17. 17. Brand → The name OPFoods (slang for Over-Powered-Foods) will be our disguise for the rest of the time with the company. As the name suggests, we will be over- powered and hence, the best food delivery people in the market. This(top right corner) will be the test logo for our App with the slogan “EAT AND FEEL OP” .
  18. 18. Incentives → 1) The first order on the app will be totally free. 2) There will be special discounts and offers for people who order more than 10 times a month. 3) Referrals will be provided with each download and a certain amount will be discounted on the next delivery with each referral going successful.
  19. 19. Communication → 1) The referrals and other incentives will help in a word of mouth promotion of the app. 2) Paid advertisements on apps and things the people use in me-time will be very efficient and cost effective way of promotion. 3) Create buzz among influencers in the customer community, app reviewers and tech bloggers who focus on new app releases.
  20. 20. Distribution → 1) The app will be available on all the app stores, be it OVI, Google Play, Apple App Store etc. 2) Achieving maximum sales in minimum time will make the app appear in the top of “recommended apps” or “most popular apps” columns, helping in finding the app easily. 3) Using features like App Store Optimisation. 4) Tracking the purchases to identify the highest value users and focus on their conveniences.
  21. 21. Control 1)Customer review 2)Live customer support 3)Most popular dishes 4)Newly introduced dishes 5)Recommended dishes 6)Bugs and crashes
  22. 22. Control Measures → 1) There will be a customer review option for every dish so as to increase transparency and information about the restaurants. 2) An all day customer support service will be provided for any feedback or help required. 3) For customer’s ease, recommended, popular and new dishes will be shown separately. 4) The team will take care of the bugs and crashes of the app regularly to improve the service and satisfaction with time, helping in steady growth of the company.
  23. 23. Exhibits Comparing the top guns in the market with respect to revenue, growth, sales, investors etc. Exhibit 1
  24. 24. Exhibit 2 Exhibit 3
  25. 25. DISCLAIMER These slides have been created by Adhirath Kabra, IIT Bombay, during a marketing internship under Prof. Sameer Mathur, IIM Lucknow. ADHIRATH KABRA PROF. SAMEER MATHUR