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AgilOne Enterprise Edition


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Discover behavioral customer segments and predict preferences and behaviors to use for personalized multi-channel marketing.

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AgilOne Enterprise Edition

  2. 2. CONFIDENTIAL2 predictive relationship marketing platform built for everyday, high volume marketers helping them discover and engage with the individual in every customer across all channels in real-time prescribes targeted multi-channel programs and measures results to help marketers build long-term profitable relationship with their customers easy to use, open and highly scalable cloud based platform powered by patent pending machine learning algorithms and data management platform
  3. 3.  Predicted lead conversion  Welcome-2nd order offer by product  High predicted LTV  Product interest- browsed  Product interest-cart  Product interest- purchase  Behavioral clusters (AOV)  Brand clusters  Need clusters  Single category  High value at-risk customers  Disengaged customers  High return complainers  Need based cluster reactivation  High value-High Size of wallet customers new growth at-risk lapsed What if you could target with precision?
  4. 4. Data Science can be really hard, really slow and really expensive of marketers want to learn SQL 0%
  5. 5. 20% optimized media spend 15% customer lifetime value 3% increase in margin AgilOne manages all the hard parts of predictive marketing for you Data Management • Marketing-focused data model • Automated data cleansing and maintenance Predictive Analytics • 400 metrics • 10 predictive models • 3 behavioral models • Custom model support Campaign Execution • Business intelligence • Campaign automation • Real-time targeting • Robust Real-time API Platform
  6. 6. Security • PCI DSS 2.0 compliant • Safe Harbor compliant • SSAE16 compliant Elastically scalable • Standardize 50 million records/hour • De-dupe 30 million records/hour Power Alerts Metrics Pathways 360 Profiles Internal Data Transaction Customer Product Service Provider Data Email Web Data Reviews 3rd Party Data D&B Weather Prospect Lists Actions Platform Data Management Predictive Analytics Campaign Execution Leave the data science to AgilOne so you can focus on marketing
  7. 7. 7 START SMALL BIG AND SUCCEED AgilOne Email AgilOne Digital AgilOne Enterprise Personalize email content and frequency Personalize email & web ecommerce Personalize multi-channel marketing experiences
  8. 8. 9/20/2013 AGILONE CONFIDENTIAL An Online Outdoor Retailer … Moving away from batch-n-blast towards personalized product content, using both purchases and web browsing behavior, increased email revenues 122% annually. Here is what amazing looks like
  9. 9. Here is what amazing looks like 9 Offered concert tickets based on where you live and what artists you tagged and other artists predicted to be similar, and achieved a 4x return on investment An Online Ticket Vendor …
  10. 10. An Online Pet Store … 9/20/2013 AGILONE CONFIDENTIAL With surgical discounts and free shipping for newbies gained 18% more sales from repeat buyers. One time buyers make up more than half of customers as 70% of first time customers never come back. Here is what amazing looks like
  11. 11. A Jeans Manufacturer … 9/20/2013 AGILONE CONFIDENTIAL Grew revenues by 7% using behavioral customer clusters and product recommendations. Personalized emails resulted in 20% reactivation of inactive customers; 100% more click-through rate and 50% more response rate. Here is what amazing looks like
  12. 12. Fortune 50 grade predictive analytics in the cloud plus a customer success team to back you up! SOLUTION
  13. 13. AgilOne Data Management provides real-time clean, standardized, de-duped customer data CONFIDENTIAL13 input preparation standardization dedupe & linkcleanse/enhance Referential Integrity Data Audit Checks Outlier Detection Imputations AKA Dictionary Middle Name Parsing Company Name Parsing Abbreviations AKA Address Standardization Genderization NCOA Title Salutation Prefix Processing Phone Number Email Obscenity Scanning Character Cleansing Title Cleansing Geo-coding email Fixes MSA / Region Append Household Value Streaming Data Profiler Temporal Alerts Address Type Type of Area Fuzzy Phonetic Dedupe Persistent ID Linkage with Thresholds
  14. 14. Value  LTV-to-date  Size of wallet Demographic  Gender  Income Geographic  Local/Store  Market share Product clusters Behavioral clusters Brand clusters Engagement  Email open/click  Visit (store, web)  Inquiry (web, email)  Loyalty  Influencers  Reviews Behavioral  Recency/AOV/Frequency  Cart  Cancels  Returns  Seasonality 400Metrics Clustering Models3 Predictive Models10 Propensity to engage Propensity to unsubscribe Next sell recommendations Up sell recommendations Cross sell recommendations Propensity to convert Propensity to buy Propensity to churn Predictive lifetime value Predicted size of wallet AgilOne Predictive Analytics provides 400 customer metrics, advanced clustering and predictive analytics
  15. 15. Other Email Social Web ERP RESTAPI  AgilOne Webtag  Omniture  Coremetrics  Webtrends  Silverpop  Bronto  Cheetahmail  emarsys  Marketo  euro.message  ExactTarget  MailChimp  Lyris  Yesmail  Oracle  SAP  JD Edwards  IBM Websphere  Ecometry   BazaarVoice  Zendesk  Facebook custom audiences Email Social Web ERP AgilOne Campaign Execution plays nice with your existing customer facing infrastructure
  17. 17. Predictive Marketing within reach Amazing things happen with GOOD FOR BUSINESS  +3% margins  +8% revenues  +20% LTV  +100% engagement GOOD FOR CUSTOMERS  Personal relationship  Connected & engaged  Loyal and satisfied  Brand advocates GOOD FOR YOU  Love your job  Kick some ass  Innovate marketing  Awesome results