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Workshop: Lean Simulation Games: What Wastes your Work Time? by Amr Noaman and Mohamed Amr


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Agile means being responsive and adaptive to changes in market, business, and environment. With too much waste in your work, responding and adapting will not be fast enough, or may not be possible at all! In this interactive workshop, we will explain the famous 'Seven Wastes of Software Development' [1] using simulation games. You will feel the waste in the process and experience it, not only visualize or hear about it. You will also be able to quantify the effect of each type of waste and measure the improvement if you manage to reduce or eliminate it. Finally, we will do an exercise to identify which agile practices reduces which types of wastes. By attending this workshop, you will get insight about how to pinpoint wastes in your work; and accordingly, select correct agile practices which most reduce wastes you have. --- [1] Poppendieck, Mary and Tom. Implementing Lean Software Development: From Concept to Cash. Addison-Wesley, 2006.

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Workshop: Lean Simulation Games: What Wastes your Work Time? by Amr Noaman and Mohamed Amr

  1. 1. Lean Simulation Games - What Wastes Your Work Time? Amr Noaman Mohamed Amr
  3. 3. What’s Lean?
  4. 4. Categories of Wastes Delay Extra Features Partially Done Work Task Switching Relearning Defects Ref. Mary & Tom Poppendieck, Lean Software Development Handoffs
  5. 5. Delay
  6. 6. Up to 80% of business activity time is lost in “wait time” due to transit and overheads not related to business.* 0 10 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 90 100 Business Activity Activity Total time Activity Wait Time Activity Execution time * Ref:
  7. 7. 90% reduction in activity wait time = 72% reduction in activity total time ! 0 10 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 90 100 After Before Activity Total time Activity Waiting Time Activity Execution Time
  8. 8. Partially Done Work
  9. 9. Extra Features
  10. 10. WhatsApp Extra? Features Clear Chat but Keep Starred Messages Disable Read Receipts Save conversation as a text file Add formatting to messages See who you chat with the most Mark chats as unread Add dates to your calendar automatically Chat/Group wallpaper Bookmark important messages Two-step verification Email conversation Find who you talk to most Low data usage
  11. 11. Handoffs
  12. 12. Task Switching
  13. 13. Task Switching Number of Tasks % Time on each task 1 100 2 40 3 20 4 10 5 5 More than 5 Random Source: Quality Software Management, vol.1, Systems Thinking, Gerald M.Weinberg, Dorset House, New York, 1992
  14. 14. Relearning
  15. 15. What Research Says about Relearning? Learning are impacted after: 2 weeks 4 weeks Ref: Davidovitch et all, Simulation-based learning: The learning– forgetting–relearning process and impact of learning history No documentation With documentation
  16. 16. Stress Defects Delay Task Switching Partially Done Work Relearning Handoffs Extra Features
  17. 17. Thanks You !