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Augury's Journey Towards CD by Assaf Mizrachi

Augury's Journey Towards CD by Assaf Mizrachi @Agile Israel 2019

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Augury's Journey Towards CD by Assaf Mizrachi

  1. 1. Augury Journey Towards CD AgileSparks May 2019
  2. 2. Augury Confidential COLLECT Smart sensors monitor your machines 24/7 ANALYZE Algorithms predict malfunctions and provide alerts VISUALIZE Full visibility of machine health across your facilityPREDICT MACHINE FAILURES
  3. 3. Augury Confidential
  4. 4. 65,000+ Machines 5,000+ Facilities
  5. 5. R&D Structure
  6. 6. Tech Stack
  7. 7. Augury Confidential 2 Years Ago...
  8. 8. SunSun Squad B Sun Squad CSquad A Squad D Wed Wed Wed Squad A Squad B Squad D Unite QA Effort Manual Regression Manual Regression Release Trains
  9. 9. Release Version XXX Release Version XXX + 1
  10. 10. Ice Cream Cone Anti-Pattern
  11. 11. Development Release
  12. 12. Local Env Squad Env CI Staging 1 2 3 4 5 6 Production Release Process Development Process
  13. 13. Quality Deployment Design Too Many Handoffs During Development
  14. 14. Augury Confidential Developer In The Center
  15. 15. What to build?? How to build?? Is it working?? Is it deployed yet?? How is it in production?
  16. 16. Take active part in shaping impactful product Design & Write clean, simple and testable code. Own code quality Deliver to Production Monitor and track deliverables behaviour and usage
  17. 17. Developer Growth == Shorter High Quality Delivery Cycles
  18. 18. Fast and Safe Development. Developer Growth. Data Driven. Fast Feedback Loop In Every Step.
  19. 19. Augury Confidential Phase 1 - Built-In Quality Development Release
  20. 20. Developers Own Quality. QA = Quality Assistance != Quality Assurance
  21. 21. Better Design Process
  22. 22. Code Reviews As Part of CI
  23. 23. Augury Confidential Phase 2 - Break It, Ship It Break It Ship It Closer to Production
  24. 24. Break It down into smaller pieces In order to eliminate release idea, reduce delivery risk and achieve a faster feedback loop, we should breakdown feature into small decoupled, testable and shippable units. Once a unit is implemented and tested it should be deploy to production by the developer. Each delivered unit can have immediate or “eventual” impact
  25. 25. Closer to production Once the developer ships code frequently into production, monitoring code’s behaviour in production becomes a habit which is streamlined into the development life-cycle. Receiving fast feedback from the production environment is extremely powerful practice. Closer to Production
  26. 26. Separate deployment from release By using tools such as feature flags we can avoid code aggregation in branches which is bad practice. The ability to integrate our code into production with limited activation is powerful tool and enabler for actual testing in production.
  27. 27. Augury Confidential Delivery Metrics
  28. 28. Augury Confidential Key Learnings
  29. 29. ● Developers can do QA to their own code. ● Sharing half-baked things is not easy for most of developers ● Wonderful things happens when developers are minutes from production ● Developers feels more impactful and skilled since we moved to CD
  30. 30. Augury Confidential Nowadays..
  31. 31. Continuous Delivery
  32. 32. Augury Confidential THE END Questions?