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Conveyers and elevators, tyes of conveyers and elevators, different elevators used in feel mill


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This ppt describes almost all types of conveyers and elevators used commonly with good pectoral view.

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Conveyers and elevators, tyes of conveyers and elevators, different elevators used in feel mill

  1. 1. Doctor Muhammad Waseem Riaz sabri University College of Veterinary and Animal Sciences, I.U.B Punjab, Pakistan
  2. 2. A conveyor system is a common piece of mechanical handling equipment that moves materials from one location to another.
  3. 3. Define the product Determine the environmental conditions Think outside of the box Reflect on the past
  4. 4. Conveyors can be classified in different ways: Type of product being handled: unit load or bulk load Location of the conveyor: overhead, on- floor, or in-floor Whether or not loads can accumulate on the conveyor
  5. 5. Chute conveyor Wheel conveyor Roller conveyor • Gravity roller conveyor • Live (powered) roller conveyor Chain conveyor Slat conveyor Flat belt conveyor Magnetic belt conveyor Troughed belt conveyor Bucket conveyor Oscillating conveyors or Vibrating conveyor
  6. 6. Screw conveyor Pneumatic conveyor Dilute-phase pneumatic conveyor Carrier-system pneumatic conveyor Vertical conveyor Vertical lift conveyor Reciprocating vertical conveyor Sortation conveyor Diverter Pop-up device Sliding shoe device Tilting device Cross-belt transfer device
  7. 7. Cart-on-track conveyor Tow conveyor Trolley conveyor Power-and-free conveyor Drag conveyors • Peddle type • Bar type Monorail
  8. 8. Corn Products Cottonseed Products Linseed and Flaxseed Products Soybeans Products All Other Grains
  9. 9. The size of screw conveyor depends on two factors 1. The capacity of the conveyor 2. The lump size of the material to be conveyed (Maximum dimensions of the particle)
  10. 10. Gravity roller conveyor
  11. 11. Ideal for heavy load applications that might damage a belt Conveying hot, oily parts or items through a heat drying process Suitabl e for harsh environ ments Assembly line and production operations Bottlin g and cannin g proces ses Wet environment applications
  12. 12. Sortation is an ideal solution for separating products from in-feed conveyor lines to shipping lanes, palletizing operations, packing stations & other sortation applications..
  13. 13. THANK YOU