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Published in: Technology, Education
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  1. 1. What does unencloseable mean?
  2. 2. First, consider what would happen if someone owned the English language.
  3. 3. There would be no such thing as free speech,
  4. 4. and communication would be severely impaired.
  5. 5. Using currencies to map flows is a linguistic act map
  6. 6. similar to writing. a b c d e f g....
  7. 7. a b c d e f g.... language language We write using a language
  8. 8. a b c d e f g.... language language that isn’t owned by anyone.
  9. 9. a b c d e f g.... language lanuage But what if someone could charge
  10. 10. a b c d e f g.... language for the use of English?
  11. 11. a b c d e f g.... language The power to communicate
  12. 12. a b c d e f g.... language would be highly concentrated.
  13. 13. map architecture The architecture we use to implement currencies
  14. 14. map architecture has enclosure built in.
  15. 15. map architecture So power and wealth
  16. 16. map architecture become highly concentrated.
  17. 17. architecture