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Web2.0. Business Readiness Self Assessment


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I quickly came up with this Web2.0 business readiness self assessment for a talk I did for the IABC. It helps companies check how they are responding to the growing importance of social media

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Web2.0. Business Readiness Self Assessment

  1. 1. Web2.0 business readiness self assessment canvas we don’t care we excel at this we’ve started I H G F E D C B A 5 + 4 3 2 1 - we relate to our customers on a personal level we leverage our networks we know the online identities our customers cultivate and understand them we know the online communities related to our brand and listen to them we tap into internal/external collective intelligence to leverage our resources we integrate people outside our company to co-create business value we know the online areas outside of our control that (could) impact our brand we help customers actively participate in creating our brand we know where our customer post home made ad-hoc content about us
  2. 2. Alexander Osterwalder, PhD [email_address]
  3. 3. When you stop learning, you stop competing. We scan the knowledge universe for you, across disciplines and industries. We transfer the best methods, tools and theory in business to your organization. we build knowledge Change does not happen accidentally it has to be managed. We help you align strategy, people and processes with respect to your organizational culture and values. we manage change Specific problems require specific skills that you do not necessarily dispose of in-house. Through our interdisciplinary network we connect you with leading domain experts. we connect Having a great vision is not sufficient - implementation counts. We help you reconcile long term views with short term actions. We make strategy everyone's job by translating it into pragmatic and prioritized projects. we operationalize Nobody knows your business environment better than yourself. We co-design your strategic vision by building on your knowledge. Through group thinking we find the right answers to the right questions together we co-create