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Captain America Civil War Analysis

Media Course Work

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Captain America Civil War Analysis

  2. 2. 'Captain America: Civil War' genre is clearly constructed throughout this opening sequence. The genre of this film is action and adventure and this is signaled many times throughout the title sequence through editing and mise-en- scene. The Soundtrack is orchestral with a fast paced tempo to it. The percussion is very fast paced which gives the audience an idea of the genre the film has. Fast Paced orchestral music has a certain atmosphere to certain movies which create a sense of suspense and jeopardy, heightening the tension in the film.
  3. 3. Another way in which action and adventure is presented to the audience through the title opening are the shadows of the moving objects. In this screen shot the moving object appears to be a machine gun which is a strong sign suggesting that the film involves some sort of war, violence and death. The fact that the colour of the machine gun is dark symbolizes death and murder, therefore gives the audience a vivid image of action and adventure in their mind. The titles are also deliberately placed on the silhouette of the machine gun as the two colours contrast each other so that the titles stand out more clearly.
  4. 4. Symmetry is also used throughout the title sequence, this is used in a vary unique way in order for the audience to be drawn into the movie. The shadows seem to be some sort of combat soldier which also connotes the genre of Action and Adventure. The rocks that surround the titles foreshadow the destruction that is produced from combat in the film. The image almost looks as though it is set in a cave type location, which gives the audience a feeling of uncomforting, unease and tension, which are all three components of an action and adventure film.
  5. 5. I also noticed that when the main actors names were shown their character was presented in some way. Here we see Robert Downey Jr. name presented to the audience and we also see the shape of iron mans mask. This is also done with all the main characters to show the audience what superheroes they are. The eyes are looking at the audience in a fierce but seductive way which creates a tense atmosphere and almost draws the audience into watching the whole film.