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Surah Nuh (Noah)


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Noah by Quran

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Surah Nuh (Noah)

  1. 1. 71. Surah Nuh By Br. Nauman Ali Khan
  2. 2. 3 levels of studying Quran:- Read and goes through the translation in one flow. Understanding the meaning of each ayaah and moving forward. Cover to cover Quran is the first kind. Thematic study of Quran. Looking at Quran focusing on especial topic from the entire Quran. It is still not very detailed. However it provides us with the overall message of the topic or surah. One surah at a time. “Coherence”, i.e.  1st_ the relationship between the surah with surah before and after it.  2nd_ What is the structure of the surah (how many ayaat are in this surah; what is the tone and ending notes/ words of the ayaat etc.)  3rd_ linguistics analysis using several sources. Looking at Root words from the surah and understanding the reason for its placement with relationship to it’s content. & (Aathaar) tafaseer from sahabah and analysis from the sahabah of certain ayaat.
  3. 3. Approach of the Study 1. Flow between surahs (in particular the previous surah), thematic links 2. Introductory comments about the surah 3. Structure of the surah 4. Ayah by ayah and also finding particular links with previous surah 5. Bibliography- Ibn Ashur, Az Zamakhshari – Al Kashshaaf, Ar Razi, An Nasafi, book name – Al I’rab Al Mufassal, Al Farahidi. Sources that are language based 6. Linguistic approach to the text 7. Commentary by the Sahabah and the following generations. 8. Root analysis of words
  4. 4. Our Heart is that Niche …  Same as a niche in a wall inside a house, our heart is the niche of our body and soul.  Human beings have ribcage which protects our heart inside it. The purpose of a niche is to further expand the light after concentrating it.  Just as a glass will reflect light when it is clean and free from dirt, we need to keep our heart clean and protected with beneficial and useful knowledge to shine bright.  When the glass is clean, it is like a shining brilliant star which shows it’s brilliance during night time (transition from daytime to night time)  Lamps are on at night time, Ar Razi the people of the earth look up at the sky filled with twinkling stars. The people of the sky (i.e. angels) look at the stars of the earth.
  5. 5. 6 PASSAGES ALL TOGETHER  PART 1( MISSION OF NUH ) ayah 1-4  Nuh (a) was given the mission to spread among his nation. This was the commandment from Allah swt.  PART 2(1ST COMPLAIN OF NUH TO ALLAH) 5 – 12  Nuh (a) says to Allah swt that he tried his best to convey His message but they were persistent not to listen or rectification. Many of them disbelieved except for a few. Nuh (a)‘s patiently and consistently gave them logical, coherent, and clarification as to why they should believe and follow his message, yet they refused him.
  6. 6. Surah Nuh – 6 sections  PART 3 (Continuation of his 1st complain) ayah13- 20  THEY HAVE NO REASON TO DISBELIEVE IN THE MESS AGE FROM ALLAH SWT  PART 4 ( 2ND COMPLAIN OF NUH TO ALLAH)  ayah 21 – 24  PART 5 ( ALLAH SWT RESPONSE TO NUH COMPLAIN) ayah 25-
  7. 7. DUA of NUH (a)  PART 6 ( NUH DUA) ayah 25-28 When a slave talks to Allah swt, it is in the form of dua. Now, not only Allah swt is angry with the disbelievers (from Nuh (a) nation) but Nuh (a) is also angry with them for their consistent rejection and misbehaving attitude. Now, Nuh (a) gives up in any hope of his nation listening to the truth and in obedience to Allah swt. The word FORGIVENESS & INCREASE is repeated multiple times in this surah. Taqwa Fajir Worshiper (’abid) Disbeliever (Kafir)
  8. 8. how bright the light shines from within us  the lamp is fuelled by a tree (the tree is outside the house), the thing that fuels the light in our hearts comes from outside the heart. Olive tree, blessed that it produces more than expected. More benefit than expected. We have something inside us that it would even surprise us. The RuH The RuH inside of us has so much potential. neither eastern nor western, maximum exposure to the sun light which produces the most refined oil.
  9. 9. Light Upon Light  Purpose of this light: It fuels us so that when we are in a dark or bad situation we can benefit from it. We can find our way, and we may become carrier of the light. “After all, the lamp is only beneficial in dark times” Allahu Akbar!! We need refined oil that its almost about to catch on fire. So then when a lamp is lit: It illuminate it’s surrounding. There is Light upon Light. Both source and the receiver IMAGINE….. A tree received light from both sides. We know that The lamp is/gives light and the glass is like a light/ clear or transparent so that the light can enter easily. And if this lamp is placed in a niche it will glow and spread light. Now IMAGINE … When the Light inside (our heart) meets the Light from above, It is Light upon Light. PREP: glass has to be cleaned in order for the meeting of light [OUR GOAL]
  10. 10. Connection & Relationship In Surah Ma’arij  Destruction/ punishment is given on individual bases. It is direct, up close and personal. Some people who continue to do wrong, spread corruption, harm themselves and others may not get punished in dunya but they will definitely reprimanded for their wrong doing in the hereafter. Surah Nuh  Destruction/ punishment is brought upon a nation in dunya and also in the akhirah.  Prophets care for their nation & their people, feel responsible for them, shed tears for them, selflessly keep approaching people with patience to bring them towards guidance. They try their utmost till the end to invite them to do good. This great example is seen through prophet Nuh (a) 950 years hard work giving dawah to his nation subhaan Allah. The nation of Nuh (a) received great punishment in dunya and they are sure to receive punishment in the hereafter.
  11. 11. [Indeed, We sent Noah to his people, [saying], "Warn your people before there comes to them a painful punishment.“] --- --(71:1)  RA-SEEN-LAAM:  Arsal: to let out  -Smoothly  Rasul: Sent (Nuh) 3rd person aka Messenger (pbuh)  Mursal: Sent by Allah (trained, licensed chosen) Messenger are Obligated to do  Mursil: Sender/ Munzil: Allah swt  Ba-’A-Tha:  To appoint someone or raise someone  ٓ‫ۦ‬ِ‫ه‬ِ‫م‬ْ‫و‬َ‫ق‬ = his people, (by lineage or geography or (belief) commitment; nation)  Qaaim: standing for something  Ummah: also small group of people  Intifaaq- Transition in direct to indirect
  12. 12. NUH - 71:1  Nuh (a) was sent by Allah swt to his people to warn them of a painful punishment if they do not rectify their behavior and understand what they are doing is harmful for them.  What were they doing? They were the first nation who introduced shirk (worshiping besides Allah swt). These people spread corruption and were unjust.  He (a) could have just warned them and his job would have been done.  But we find out that he (a) truly cared for his people and tried his utmost for 950 years, approaching them gently and patiently to teach them good and yet majority scoffed at him.  Sunnah of Nuh (a) is to try your best even if you have to go an extra mile. Job Well Done accounts for:  Positive attitude  Being Patient, caring, approach people with understanding and gently (Communication 101)  Quality over Quantity
  13. 13. AN ANZER  ْٓ‫ر‬ِ‫ذ‬‫ن‬َ‫أ‬“ = Warn (command form 2nd person) i.e. Immediately!  Implied- talk to ppl  AN (taseeliya): warn them  AN (_): warn them and do your best