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Rallying Your Sales Channel Around Today’s Customer


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Research firm Gartner predicts that by 2020, customers will manage 85% of their interaction with the enterprise without interacting with a human.

Now, if you’ve built your business by hiring as many sales people to make as many cold calls as possible, this is a very scary statistic. Moreover, if like most enterprises you’ve grown your business by onboarding a large team of value added resellers, distributors, brokers or agents who are also relying on the old-school “tried and true” approach of throwing as many bodies as possible into a sales territory, then you must be downright frightened.

Today’s B2B customer expects more.

She’s done her research. She’s identified her problem, considered some options for a solution, and is now shopping for her preferred vendor (that’s you). And, when she chooses to interact with your company, over half the time she’s unfulfilled.

Why? Because according to IDC, nearly 57% of B2B prospects feel that their sales teams are not prepared for their very first meeting.

In this 30-minute webinar, Allbound will take you along the new customer journey (which, does not end at point of purchase), and share how to empower your channel teams with the knowledge they need to best meet the needs of today’s customers.

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Rallying Your Sales Channel Around Today’s Customer

  1. 1. WEBINAR Rallying Your Sales Channel Around Today’s Customer @goallbound #NeverSellAlone
  2. 2. Jen Spencer Director of Sales & Marketing @jenspencer Hey! It’s nice to meet you. Matt Hensler Director of Customer Success @matthensler
  3. 3. Today’s Agenda • Relevancy • Accuracy • Delivery • Consistency • Synergy • Q&A
  4. 4. “By 2020, customers will manage 85% of their interaction with the enterprise without interacting with a human.” - Gartner #NeverSellAlone
  5. 5. You must be downright frightened #NeverSellAlone
  6. 6. Today’s B2B customer expects more #NeverSellAlone
  7. 7. The New Customer Journey (does not end at point of purchase) #NeverSellAlone
  8. 8. #NeverSellAlone Relevancy “Our biggest competitors are our customers.” - Brent Adamson
  9. 9. “B2B buyers are learning on their own and delaying their contact with suppliers until late in the purchase.” - CEB #NeverSellAlone
  10. 10. #NeverSellAlone Customer Journey of the Past Attention Interest Desire Action
  11. 11. #NeverSellAlone Today’s Customer Journey: Problem-specific, not product-specific Awareness Consideration Decision Enjoy Bond Advocate Buy
  12. 12. #NeverSellAlone Accuracy What your reps don’t know can hurt you.
  13. 13. “Nearly 57% of prospects feel their sales teams are not prepared for their very first meeting.” - IDC #NeverSellAlone
  14. 14. Customers have too much at stake to be mis-informed #NeverSellAlone
  15. 15. Millennials rank trust and authenticity high on the list of scrutinized factors when making brand choices … #NeverSellAlone
  16. 16. Only 10% of U.S. adults feel advertising ethics are high #NeverSellAlone
  17. 17. #NeverSellAlone Delivery Customers today perform more due diligence than ever
  18. 18. Deliver your product in a way that lives up to the promotion your customers encountered pre-sales #NeverSellAlone
  19. 19. Post-sales customer experiences also need to be valuable and authentic. #NeverSellAlone
  20. 20. Quality of delivery builds trust and eventually loyalty … which leads to renewal … #NeverSellAlone
  21. 21. #NeverSellAlone Consistency Consistency is critical across the entire customer experience
  22. 22. #NeverSellAlone Don’t … Communicate to you customers the same way you communicate to prospects. Send highly promotional messages that don’t account for the recipients’ shift in status from buyer to owner.
  23. 23. #NeverSellAlone Do … Evaluate the communications you are sending your customers. Are you just sharing ‘nice to know’ information or is it ‘need to know’ information?
  24. 24. #NeverSellAlone Do … Leverage the in-depth customer understanding that customer success teams possess in order to enhance communications.
  25. 25. #NeverSellAlone Do … Ensure your customer marketing continues to drive those owners of your solutions back to the product so that they can achieve the desired outcome that drove the original purchase.
  26. 26. #NeverSellAlone Synergy It is critical to create synergy between your efforts and those of your partners.
  27. 27. You must work to avoid the friction that can be created if synergy doesn’t exist. #NeverSellAlone
  28. 28. #NeverSellAlone Aligning content to the buyer’s journey and creating customer personas help partners create more relevancy and consistency of experience. Aberdeen Group Study
  29. 29. #NeverSellAlone Empowering quota-carriers with the training, skills and especially cloud-based content with which to adapt their messaging, content and collateral to their individual territories and accounts. Aberdeen Group Study
  30. 30. #NeverSellAlone Reducing contract/proposal errors at over 3x the rate of non-adopters. Aberdeen Group Study
  31. 31. #NeverSellAlone Contributing to higher overall customer renewal rates. Aberdeen Group Study
  32. 32. In Conclusion … #NeverSellAlone
  33. 33. Empower your channel teams with knowledge #NeverSellAlone
  34. 34. Focus on accurate and consistent delivery #NeverSellAlone
  35. 35. Create synergy between your enterprise and partners #NeverSellAlone
  36. 36. Questions?Questions? #NeverSellAlone
  37. 37. Jen Spencer Director of Sales & Marketing | Allbound @jenspencer Matt Hensler Director of Customer Success| Allbound @matthensler For information about Allbound, visit or call us at 480.685.5474