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AWS Service Catalog


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Running an IT department in a large organization is challenging. You need to provide users with access to the latest technology, while maintaining corporate standards and providing oversight to avoid runaway spending. In this session, you’ll hear how Lockheed Martin has used AWS Service Catalog to ensure compliance across the organization. You will also learn how 2nd Watch, an APN Premier Consulting Partner, leverages AWS Service Catalog to manage resources for customers and are now able to deploy quickly and standardize their workload management. We’ll also demo advanced functionality and how you can get started.

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AWS Service Catalog

  1. 1. ©2015, Amazon Web Services, Inc. or its affiliates. All rights reserved AWS Service Catalog Abhishek Lal, Product Manager, AWS Chris Nolan, Technology Director, 2ndWatch Garland Garcia, Lockheed Martin Fellow, Lockheed Martin IS&GS
  2. 2. What is AWS Service Catalog? AWS Service Catalog allows organizations to create and manage catalogs of IT services. It enables users to quickly deploy the approved IT services they need in a self-service manner. Organizations Developers Control Standardization Governance Agility Self-service Time to market
  3. 3. Why should I use AWS Service Catalog? • Self-service – Increase agility with access to services – Improve employee satisfaction • Promote standardization – Share best practices – Compliance with business goals and policies • Control provisioning of AWS resources – Tag at provisioning – Restrict user permissions
  4. 4. IT Product Lifecycle Management in AWS CloudFormation template Admin Define AWS Service Catalog Publish CloudFormation stack Users Browse and Launch AWS CloudTrail Amazon S3 Monitors Logs all API calls AWS CloudWatchalarm Monitors Initiates Notifies AWS Config Track changesNotifies Changes Provisions Procure Package
  5. 5. 2nd Watch Chris Nolan Technology Director
  6. 6. Designer AWS TCO Calculator 100s 2nd Watch Customers 300+ server migration to AWS in 8 weeks Fixed-fee bulk migration service 400+ Projects ORIGINAL And Current AWS Premier Consulting Partner & Managed Service Partner 75,000 Instances Under Management VERIFIED APN Life Sciences Competency BACKED APN Big Data Competency
  7. 7. Client overview • Fortune 500 enterprise based in Atlanta • Diverse global workloads across digital and enterprise • Multiple business units, external agencies
  8. 8. Client focus • Need for standardization • Need for security and governance • Need for scalability and availability
  9. 9. Reference Architecture
  10. 10. AWS CloudFormation to the rescue • Created AWS CloudFormation templates based on reference architectures • Began deploying to customers • Deployment benefits – Chargebacks – Speed – Ease of deployment
  11. 11. AWS CloudFormation and AWS Service Catalog use cases • Enterprise standardization • Test and development environments • Integrations – Use existing tools and incumbent processes for instantiating new infrastructure
  12. 12. Roadmap for the future • Single pane of glass • Versioning – Somewhat difficult today w/o AWS Service Catalog • Push control to others • API
  13. 13. Thank you! Chris Nolan Technology Director
  14. 14. Lockheed Martin Garland M. Garcia LM Fellow | Cloud Alliance Manager
  15. 15. Aeronautics Information Systems & Global Solutions 112,000 Employees Space Systems Mission Systems & Training Missiles & Fire Control Business Locations in 70 Nations Helping the future arrive is what we do. We solve the great problems of our times. We create innovative technologies that define eras. While no one knows what’s going to change the world next, we’re probably already working on it. We’re engineering a better tomorrow. Lockheed Martin Solutions as a Service (SolaS) powered by AWS!
  16. 16. Customer challenge • Support of DevOps implementation, and auto- provisioning of infrastructure, storage, and networks • Support continuous deployment and continuous integration, automated builds for applications, and the infrastructure on which they are deployed • Support the move to agile development within the DevOps framework as the customer moves into additional cloud services
  17. 17. Solution • Provide auto-provisioning of infrastructure, storage, and networks……… through the use of AWS Service Catalog leveraging CloudFormation templates. • Automation focuses on the setup, configuration, deployment, and support of infrastructure and the applications that run on it. The removal of manual processes is key…….. again, through the use of AWS Service Catalog leveraging CloudFormation templates. • Continuous deployment and continuous integration. Automated deployment of production-ready code. – CodeDeploy, CodePipeline, CodeCommit, Elastic Beanstalk & OpsWorks
  18. 18. AWS Service Catalog • Lockheed Martin was honored to participate in the Beta release of the AWS Service Catalog • Established several use-case scenarios that aligned to the customer requirements and intent • Able to auto-provision resources from a simple EC2 instance, all the way to a full-functioning Virtual Private Cloud instance with all of the pre-defined and appropriate infrastructure, storage, network, configurations, and settings with a few simple clicks by the DevOps team member
  19. 19. How it works Catalog Administrator(s)  Manages catalog of products  Organizes products into portfolios  Manages access and IAM roles  Creates CloudFormation templates  Delegates product administration to product admins End Users (DevOps Teams)  Launch products IAW granted permissions and imposed constraints Product Administrator(s)  Manages delegated products CloudFormation stack (product instance) Individual AWS Services (Products) Organized by Portfolios
  20. 20. How it looks
  21. 21. Thank you! Garland M. Garcia LM Fellow | Cloud Alliance Manager
  22. 22. AWS Service Catalog demo
  23. 23. Creates portfolio Adds constraints and grant access 1 4 5 Administrator Portfolio Users Browse Products 6Launch ProductsAWS CloudFormation template Creates product3Authors template2 ProductX ProductY ProductZ 7 Deploys stacks Events Events 8 8 Service Catalog flow Create custom services and grant access Use a personalized portal to find and launch services
  24. 24. Sharing portfolio across accounts
  25. 25. Portfolio sharing across accounts Create portfolio Add products Share portfolio Email URL Import portfolio Add users Use products Source portfolio account Destination portfolio account
  26. 26. Availability and Pricing
  27. 27. Pricing and availability • Cost is $5 per portfolio per month – Only portfolios with one or more IAM users/groups/roles charged – Fixed fee model, no limit on number of stacks launched – Free introductory period until October 2015 • Any active portfolios will be charged starting 10/1/2015 • Available today – US East (N. Virginia) – US West (Oregon) – More regions coming soon!
  28. 28. What are the benefits of using AWS Service Catalog? • For organizations - standardization – Promote compliance – Cost management • For administrators – manage IT lifecycle – Controlled access – Centralized management • For devs/app users - increased agility – Simple personalized portal – Self-service provisioning
  29. 29. More information
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