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(CMP203) New! Amazon EC2 Enhancements for the Enterprise


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This week we are announcing two new enhancements for those of you who are running and managing workloads on EC2, Dedicated Hosts and Run Command.  Dedicated Hosts enable you to save money, by leveraging your investments in your own server-bound licenses including Windows Server, SQL Server, and SUSE Linux Enterprise Server, in EC2.  Using Run Command, you can remotely invoke pre-defined actions or ad-hoc scripts on groups of instances all from the EC2 Console or API, this way you can easily manage configuration change on your instances. In this session we will take a look at these two new capabilities which enhance the EC2 experience.

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(CMP203) New! Amazon EC2 Enhancements for the Enterprise

  1. 1. © 2015, Amazon Web Services, Inc. or its Affiliates. All rights reserved. Alan Goodman, Sr. Manager Product Management, Amazon EC2 Damian Wylie, Sr. Product Manager, Amazon EC2 October 2015 CMP203 Amazon EC2 Enhancements for the Enterprise
  2. 2. What to expect from the session • Recap of recent announcements • New Announcements • EC2 Dedicated Hosts and BYOL • Run Command
  3. 3. Recapping recent enhancements Software and Licenses • MSDN License Support • SQL Server Enterprise • Support for 32-bit OS’s Manageability • Automated Domain Join • Updated SCOM MP • SCVMM Plug-in Rich Platform • Windows support for new instance families T2, C4, D2, M4
  4. 4. EC2 Dedicated Hosts A Platform for BYOL Damian Wylie Sr. Product Manager Amazon EC2
  5. 5. Customer feedback on licensing You have large investments in server-bound software licenses which you use on-premises today and you need a way to leverage these licenses in AWS. Common requested examples are: Windows Server SQL Server SUSE Linux Enterprise Server Oracle Database
  6. 6. Navigating licensing requirements Common license use requirements and challenges • May require the use of dedicated servers • Every physical server you use can be subject to licensing • Licenses cannot move for 90 days • Licenses are logically assigned to cores or sockets • You need the capability to manage physical server utilization
  7. 7. Introducing EC2 Dedicated Hosts Its a physical server with EC2 instance capacity dedicated for your use The flexibility and ease of use of EC2 Instances along with the visibility and control of on- premises
  8. 8. Dedicated Hosts enable BYOL Host ID = h-123abc Sockets = 2 Physical Cores = 20 • Granular resource and placement controls • Dedicated Host allocation • Granular instance placement • Instance-host affinity • Visibility into physical resources • Physical core and socket counts • Capacity utilization • Instance location
  9. 9. BYOL in 4 easy steps 1. Import your media using VM Import 2. Activate AWS Config recording 3. Allocate Dedicated Hosts 4. Launch onto your Dedicated Hosts
  10. 10. Track host configurations with AWS Config AWS Config records configuration changes which enables • Resource discovery • Configuration management • Auditability and compliance Use AWS Config for license reporting
  11. 11. Two payment options for your hosts On-Demand • Per hour host billing • Allocation initiates billing • Scale up and down • Access to hosts on-demand worldwide in seconds Reservations • Save up to 70% over On- Demand • 1 and 3 year terms • Upfront payment options • Reservations are assigned to specific Dedicated Hosts
  12. 12. Dedicated Host availability Instance Families • M3, M4, D2, I2, C3, C4, R3, G2 Regions • Available in all regions excluding Beijing and AWS GovCloud (US)
  13. 13. Microsoft licensing options Buy licenses from AWS Leverage License Mobility Bring your own licenses (BYOL) • Save money on software licensing • You manage licensing costs and compliance with your ISV • You do not need Software Assurance • Save money on Microsoft application licensing • EC2 manages Windows Server licensing • EC2 manages licensing • Pay as you go pricing • Multi-tenant or Dedicated • No need for Software Assurance • Unlimited CALs Flexibility in licensing options provides you the options to optimize your licensing costs.
  14. 14. Customers have saved up to 42% by using their own licenses
  15. 15. Introducing David Torres Partner Executive, Public Cloud Global Alliances SUSE
  16. 16. BYO-SUSE subscription to Dedicated Hosts Provides customers with: • More options: For SUSE licensing • License portability: Better enables the use of SUSE in the AWS cloud • Affordability: SUSE customers can save money using their own subscriptions
  17. 17. SUSE Linux Enterpriser Server for SAP applications (Bring Your Own) Recommended platform for SAP applications • Preview of HA agents allow SAP HANA instances to failover between AWS availability zones • Enterprise workload for Dedicated Hosts on AWS
  18. 18. Run Command Remote Server Management At Scale Alan Goodman Sr. Manager Product Management Amazon EC2
  19. 19. Remote server management What we heard: • Need to tweak server configuration or collect basic info from a group of servers • Hard to ensure change is implemented consistently • Need to control access but enable progress • Want to know who did what and where
  20. 20. Introducing EC2 Run Command • Remote administration of EC2 instances at scale • Easily invoke predefined actions or scripts on your instances from the EC2 console, AWS CLI, or API • Delegate control and limit access to servers
  21. 21. Predefined actions Included is a set of predefined building block actions for quick access to common tasks: • Install MSI applications • Configure Windows Update settings • Deploy and install Windows PowerShell DSC modules • Join the instance to a domain • Configure Amazon CloudWatch logs agent • Run a Windows PowerShell command, or execute a script
  22. 22. Broad applicability Enabling common administrative tasks • Install and configure third-party agents and software • Local user and group management • Check for installed software or patches • Restart a Windows service (e.g., iisreset) • Update a scheduled task
  23. 23. Run Command - Benefits Secure Delegating access to commands with AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM) policies enables you to reduce the number of users who have direct access to a server. Reliability Increase the reliability of your workloads by templatizing your configuration changes, which allows you to predictably roll out change. Visibility Increase your visibility into configuration change with easy command tracking and integration with AWS CloudTrail. Scalable Easily run a command against a fleet of EC2 instances at the same time. Easy to Use Choose from a set of out of the box commands to invoke and track their progress from the EC2 console, AWS CLI, and API. Customizable Tailor your experience for your needs by creating your own custom actions.
  24. 24. Run Command availability Initial OS support: • Windows 2012 and 2012 R2 • Windows 2008 and 2008 R2 • Windows 2003 and 2003 R2 Initial region availability: • US-EAST-1 (N. Virginia) • US-WEST-2 (Oregon) • EU-WEST-1 (Ireland)
  25. 25. Run Command Demo
  26. 26. Next steps • Coming soon: • Learn more about Dedicated Hosts: • Keep an eye out for Run Command • We’d love to hear your feedback! • Join us at the booth!
  27. 27. Related Sessions SEC 314 – NEW LAUNCH! AWS Config/Config Rules: Use AWS Config Rules to Improve Governance over Configuration Changes to Your Resources Thursday, Oct 8, 5:30 PM - Palazzo K ISM315-R - Strategies to Quantify TCO and Increase Business Value Gains Using AWS Friday Oct 9, 10:15 AM – Delfino 4002
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  29. 29. Thank you!