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Relational Databases Redefined with AWS


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Relational Databases Redefined on AWS webinar series as presented by Joe Ziegler

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Relational Databases Redefined with AWS

  1. 1. Relational Databases Redefinedon AWS Joseph Ziegler Technical @jiyosub
  2. 2. Focus on your App with Amazon RDS
  3. 3. Focus on your App with Amazon RDS
  4. 4. Load balancerApplication tierDatabase tier
  5. 5. Load balancer Application tier Invest more time making this innovative Database tierSpend less time managing this
  6. 6. Migration Backup andSchema design recovery Patching Query constructionConfiguration Software upgrades Frequent server Storage upgrades upgrades Hardware crash Query optimization
  7. 7. Migration Backup and recoverySchema design PatchingQuery construction ConfigurationQuery optimization Software upgrades Storage upgrades Focus on the “buck” Frequent server upgrades Hardware crash Off load the “muck”
  8. 8. Source: Forrester Security planning License training Backup, recovery load and unload Script automationPerformance Installation, upgrade,and tuning patching, migration
  9. 9. Undifferentiated Heavy Lifting
  10. 10. Amazon RDSRelational Database Service Quick introduction
  11. 11. Amazon RDS OverviewAmazon RDS is a fully managed relationaldatabase service. Choice of Database engines Simple to deploy Easy to operate and scale Reliable Cost effective
  12. 12. Choice of database engines MySQL Oracle Microsoft SQL Server
  13. 13. Choice of database engines Community Edition MySQL 5.1.x & 5.5.x Oracle Microsoft SQL Server
  14. 14. Choice of database engines MySQL Standard & Enterprise Edition Oracle 11.2.x Microsoft SQL Server
  15. 15. Choice of database engines MySQL Oracle Express, Microsoft SQL Server Web, & Standard Edition 2008 R2 & 2012
  16. 16. Three decisions + a few clicks= ready for use
  17. 17. Easy to changeThree decisions + a few clicks= ready for use
  18. 18. Three decisions + a few clicks= ready for use
  19. 19. Three decisions + a few clicks= ready for development
  20. 20. Three decisions + a few clicks= ready for scale
  21. 21. Three decisions + a few clicks= ready for production
  22. 22. Three ways to remove the “muck”
  23. 23. Productivity PerformanceData Protection
  24. 24. ProductivityMost admin tasks are managed by RDS Provisioning Database backups Patching Performance management
  25. 25. Productivity Multiple databases per instance Standard user accounts Connect and query using common MySQL tools & drivers Tune engine parameters Import and export data using standard MySQL tools (mysqldump) Diagnostics Native MySQL replication SSL for encryption over the wire Monitor metrics Shell, super user or direct file system access (Think security!)
  26. 26. ProductivityNear zero administration Painless patching, automatic upgrades Cloudwatch monitoring, Metric alarms One click. High Availability.
  27. 27. ProductivityOne click. High availability with Multi-AZ Automated deployment across multiple AZs Synchronous replication from master to replica Automatic fail-over; replica promoted to master Test fail-over
  28. 28. PerformancePush-button scale, high performance Scale storage from 5Gb to 1Tb of storage Scale instance from small to 4XL (better I/O) Add Read Replicas with asynchronous replication Add ElastiCache for performance
  29. 29. PerformanceAmazon ElastiCache In-memory cache service Ideal front end to RDS for read-heavy applications Low latency
  30. 30. PerformanceRead Replicas Scale beyond capacity constraints of a single instance Asynchronous replication to replicas Perfect for read-heavy loads and reporting
  31. 31. PerformanceReplicas vs Caches Caches are good for low latency access over a limited dataset Replicas provide relatively less performance over a substantially larger dataset
  32. 32. PerformanceProvisioned IOPS Fast, predictable, and consistent I/O 1,000 IOPS to 10,000 IOPS 100GB to 1 TB
  33. 33. Case study6 months to deploy a real time, social magazine5 million users, 2 billion page flips per monthRun on EC2, RDS and ElastiCache. Multi-AZ.Better response time (milliseconds) and uptimeComplex queries on use and relevance data
  34. 34. Case studyOutgrew existing IT environmentElasticity to respond to peaks; reduce costsRun on EC2, RDS10 million visitors a dayReduced time to market via
  35. 35. Data ProtectionAutomatic snapshots Daily database back-ups (save up to 35 days) Transaction log backups every 5 minutes Everything up to final 5 minutes can be recovered
  36. 36. Data ProtectionAutomatic backups Automated point-in-time backups 1 day retention (extendable to 35 days) On by default. No additional charge.
  37. 37. Data ProtectionDB Security groups DB instances are isolated by default Control access by source IP address or EC2 security group Specify IP range: discouraged!
  38. 38. Data ProtectionRDS in the Virtual Private Cloud Virtual network, bring your own IP addresses Complete virtual network control: public, private subnets Includes Multi-AZ (for MySQL and Oracle)
  39. 39. Data ProtectionEncryption via SSL RDS generates SSL certificates for each DB instance Encryption of data between client and DB instance
  40. 40. Samsung saved $34M Problem: • Needed to reduce IT costs and were looking to create a more flexible IT environment Solution: • AWS and RDS services. With every request, the application authenticates devices, delivers apps and content, and pushes notifications. Business Benefits: • Saved $34M in hardware and maintenance expenses, 85% less than running on-premises
  41. 41. BonusReserved instances One time, up front payment Reserve capacity for your DB instance Discounted hourly rate Low, medium and high utilization rates
  42. 42. BonusInstant Development Data Use RDS for Production and Development Leverage Backups as Test Data
  43. 43. BonusPromoting RDS Read Replicasto Primary Fast Sharding Instant Replication of Fully Provisioned Database
  44. 44. BonusFree Tier Run RDS free for 1 Year! MySQL, Oracle (BYOL), SQL Server Express
  45. 45. Focus on your App with Amazon RDS
  46. 46. Instance scaling Multi-AZ PerformanceFocus on your App with Amazon RDS Backups DR Storage scaling
  47. 47. Instance scaling Multi-AZ Faster updates New features PerformanceFocus on your App with Amazon RDS Backups Happy customers : ) DR Storage scaling
  48. 48. Questions?
  49. 49. Thank Joseph Ziegler Technical Evangelist @jiyosub