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training process


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For students and teacher also for trainers

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training process

  1. 1. Training Process
  2. 2. Amjad Ali Rana Ph.D Student UAF, Pak #03468665724
  3. 3. What is Training Process Training Process comprises of a series of steps that needs to be followed systematically to have an efficient training programme
  4. 4. Steps of training process  Assess Training Needs  Set Training Objectives  Select Appropriate Method for training  Implement the training Programs  Evaluate training Program  Feedback of the client
  5. 5. Assess Training Needs  Starting point for all training  Justify an investment for training  Difference between standard performance and actual performance  Will reply why, what, when, where and who
  6. 6. Set Training Objectives  The crucial task is to determine the objectives of training  The basic objective of training is to bring proper match between man and the job.  The ultimate goal is to bridge the gap between current and desired performance
  7. 7. Select Appropriate Method for training  After the assessment of training needs and selection of objectives a suitable training method is to be identified  This training method will help us to achieve the desired objectives  There are number of training methods available but their suitability is judged as per the need of organization
  8. 8. Implement the training Programs  After the selection of an appropriate method, the actual functioning takes place  Under this step, the prepared plans are implemented to get the desired output.
  9. 9. Evaluate training Program  After all the efforts made by the organization, it is the time to check either it is useful or not  For this purpose we conduct an evaluation  Evaluation will tell us about the worth and value of the training programme
  10. 10. Feedback of the client  Finally, a feedback mechanism is created in order to identify the weak areas in the training program  so we will improve these areas the in future  For this purpose, information relating to class room, trainer behavior, material and the overall experience is asked