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Liver function tests


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Different liver function tests to evaluate the function of liver.

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Liver function tests

  1. 1. LIVER FUNCTION TESTS Name : Amreen fahmina Class : PharmD Sultan ul uloom college of pharmacy, Hyderabad. Guided by Dr S P SRINIVAS NAYAK , Assistant Professor , SUCP, Hyderabad.
  2. 2. LIVER FUNCTION TESTS Liver performs functions like 1. synthesis 2. storage & 3. secretion Liver test can help determine the health of liver by measuring the levels of proteins , liver enzymes , bilirubin in blood
  3. 3. • The basic functions of liver include Removing contaminants from the body Secretion of bile juice , bile pigments Plays key role in carbohydrate,lipid,fats metabolism Synthesis of albumin,globulins & clotting factors Kupffer cells (remove microbes that attacks the liver by phagocytosis)
  4. 4. Liver function tests are recommended in the following situations To check damage caused from liver infections (hepatitis) To monitor the side effects of certain medications that affect liver In alcohol consumers If already have a liver disease , to monitor the disease For gall bladder disease Person experiencing symptoms of liver disorder
  5. 5. Commonly used tests to check liver abnormalities are tests checking Alanine transaminase (ALT) Aspartate aminotransferase(AST) Alkaline phosphatase (ALP) Albumin Bilirubin Prothrombin time
  6. 6. ALT and AST tests These tests measures enzyme that liver releases in response to damage or disease. ALT This enzyme metabolises alanine to pyruvate (intermediate of energy production) Increased levels indicate Liver damage from hepatitis,infection,cirrhosis,liver cancer Normal levels : 7 – 55 U/L
  7. 7. According to American college of gastroenterology normal values for ALT 25 IU/L in females 33 IU/L in males AST This enzyme found in several parts of body including heart , liver , muscles Increased levels indicate hepatitis,cirrhosis, can also indicate heart problems or muscle problems Normal levels : 40 IU/L
  8. 8. AST and ALT levels in various liver conditions
  9. 9. ALP test This enzyme is found in bones , bile ducts & liver. Increased levels indicate liver inflammation,blockage of bile ducts ,or bone disease . Normal levels : 20 – 140 IU/ L Children may have elevated levels because of growing bones Levels in children 44 – 147 IU/L Pregnant women also shows increased levels in 3rd trimester as it is produced by placenta.
  10. 10. Albumin test It is the main protein synthesised by liver . Decreased levels indicate that the liver is not functioning properly. Normal range for albumin : 3.5 – 5.0 g/dl However , low levels can also be a result of poor nutrition, kidney disease, infection And Inflammation.
  11. 11. Bilirubin test Bilirubin is the waste product from the breakdown of red blood cells It is processed by liver and excreted through stools Damaged liver cannot process bilirubin and thus levels highly increase Normal range : 0.2 – 0.8 mg/dL Unconjugated bilirubin 0.2 – 0.6mg/dL Conjugated bilirubin 0 – 0.2 mg/dL
  12. 12. Prothrombin time Prothrombin time tests measures the time taken for blood to clot Liver synthesizes clotting factors such as fibrinogen , prothrombin etc Prolonged clotting may indicate liver disease or deficiencies in specific clotting factors. Normal prothrombin time : 11 – 13.5 sec
  13. 13. Abnormality patterns
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