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Social Media in Nonprofit Program & Service Delivery

These slides were originally created for a webinar with NTEN on October 26, 2010 - The webinar discussed opportunities for using social media to expand and open up programs in nonprofit organizations. Connect and continue the conversation at

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Social Media in Nonprofit Program & Service Delivery

  1. 1. Amy Sample Ward Using Social Media in Program Delivery Amy Sample Ward October 26, 2010
  2. 2. Welcome I’m Amy: a blogger, trainer, and facilitator focused on supporting organizations and local communities to use social media in strengthening networks and making lasting change. I’m also the Community Development Manager, CDI at TechSoup Global. | @amyrsward | Transparency: I might work for TechSoup Global and was asked to present by NTEN, but I am presenting from a tool agnostic position. Likewise, I invite everyone on this call to join me in recognizing that all organizations face a different set of needs around capacity, funding, and community that impact tool choices. Amy Sample Ward
  3. 3. Agenda • Definitions • Opportunities • Best Practice • Questions • Discussion Amy Sample Ward
  4. 4. Definitions: Community Amy Sample Ward
  5. 5. Definitions: Social Media Amy Sample Ward
  6. 6. Definitions: Programs Amy Sample Ward
  7. 7. Engagement Amy Sample Ward
  8. 8. Opportunities • Volunteers & board members • Education • Accessibility • Scale Amy Sample Ward
  9. 9. Volunteers • Recruitment • Knowledge Sharing • Leadership Questions to consider: How do you engage with volunteers now? Does your online community know how they can volunteer with you? Amy Sample Ward
  10. 10. Volunteer: Recruitment Amy Sample Ward
  11. 11. Volunteer: Knowledge Sharing Amy Sample Ward
  12. 12. Volunteer: Leadership Development Amy Sample Ward
  13. 13. Educational Programs • Webinars & Videos • Forums & Blogs • Live Chats • Slideshare & Toolkits Questions to consider: What common questions do you receive offline or on the phone? What information is often lost on your website due to length or topic? Amy Sample Ward
  14. 14. Education: Video & Webinar Amy Sample Ward
  15. 15. Education: Forums & Blogs Amy Sample Ward
  16. 16. Education: Live Chats Amy Sample Ward
  17. 17. Education: Slideshare & Toolkits Amy Sample Ward
  18. 18. Accessibility • Sharing videos, live streaming • Post minutes, notes, information • Public outreach, feedback Questions to consider: Which events, conversations, or other engagements are closed or limited? What content are you already archiving? Amy Sample Ward
  19. 19. Access: Video Amy Sample Ward
  20. 20. Access: Information Amy Sample Ward
  21. 21. Access: Feedback Amy Sample Ward
  22. 22. Scaling Programs • Open up resources • Create a toolkit • Distribute messages Questions to consider: Where can social media support replication? Which hubs in the network can change to distribution points? Amy Sample Ward
  23. 23. Scale: Share Resources Amy Sample Ward
  24. 24. Scale: Create Toolkits Amy Sample Ward
  25. 25. Scale: Distribute Messages Amy Sample Ward
  26. 26. Best Practice • Goals – sweet spot • Connect – offline • Strategy – sustained engagement Questions to consider: How can social media support our work? Which tools are already integrated in our work and integrated in our community? Amy Sample Ward
  27. 27. Goals Amy Sample Ward
  28. 28. Connect Amy Sample Ward
  29. 29. Strategy Amy Sample Ward
  30. 30. 1 Thing to do Today Amy Sample Ward
  31. 31. Photo Credits • Slide 4: • Slide 5: • Slide 6: • Slide 7: • Slide 8: • Slide 9: • Slide 31: • Slide 33: Amy Sample Ward
  32. 32. Questions & Discussion Amy Sample Ward
  33. 33. Thanks! I look forward to continuing the conversation with all of you: @amyrsward @netsquared Amy Sample Ward