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The smart stand


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For Shark Tank

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The smart stand

  1. 1. The Smart Stand Andrew Myers & Kyle Fox
  2. 2. Situation People don’t have a way to correctly practice or they don't know how to correctly practice.
  3. 3. Definition of Problem This is actually a more significant problem then you might first think. Without proper practice time musicians cannot reach their true potential and improve as a musician.
  4. 4. The Smart Stand The smart stand is a product to help musicians play perfectly and make the most of their practice time. Normal music stands just don't cut it. Normal music stands don’t have tuners & metronomes and you would have to buy those separately but our stand does, it has a built in tuner and metronome for easy access and use while practicing.
  5. 5. Prototype
  6. 6. Next Steps Our next steps will be to make an actual prototype and create the Smart Stand. We also will push our ideas upon others and ask them to aid us in our journey to create this product of musical excellence.