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Self-driving cars are here

After decades of anticipation, practical self-driving cars are here. will deploy a self-driving car service for public use in Texas starting in July.

We can continue pushing self-driving forward by focusing on three key elements: industry-leading AI technology, local partnerships, and people-centric safety.

Self-driving cars are here

  1. 1. Self-driving cars are here Andrew Ng
  2. 2. Self-driving cars are here
  3. 3. Self-driving cars are here CMU Alvinn (1993) DARPA Urban Challenge (2007) Today
  4. 4. Initial deployment route • Starting July 2018 • Summon vehicle via mobile app • Initial rides between HALL Park and retail/entertainment areas (The Star)
  5. 5. Industry-leading AI technology Full stack of self-driving technology Mapping Perception Motion planning Localization Fleet management Tele-choice Communications Mobile app
  6. 6. Deployments through local partnerships • Coordination on roadwork, special events, closures and more • Route planning • Cooperation with first responders • Public awareness program
  7. 7. People-centric safety • Focused on people inside and outside the car • Self-driving cars are a different class of vehicle
  8. 8. Visually distinctive Communication panels Increase awareness People-centric safety
  9. 9. Our asks Be lawful Be considerate Increase awareness People-centric safety
  10. 10. Developing technology since 2012 Machine Vision & Deep Learning, our core competencies Self-driving deployment roadmap safety driver + tele-choice Chaperone + tele-choice tele-choice
  11. 11. Self-driving cars are here
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