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Call Center

Advantages of open source call centre solutions

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Call Center

  1. 1. Asterisk + Vicidial Next Generation Fully Digital Call Center Suite
  2. 2. Typical Layout PRA toAlternate voice provider Agents’ PCs Dialer Web Application Soft Phone (Xlite) Agents’ PCs Dialer Web Application Master Call Center Soft Phone (Xlite) PBX Server (asterisk) PRA to OTE Backup Call Center PBX Server (asterisk) Dialer Application Web Server Controllers’ PCs Corporate Call Center Console Telephones Database Server Survey Console (Optional) Soft Phone
  3. 3. Implementation Open Source heavily utilized Based on the Asterisk PBX (*) Based on Vicidial Open Source Dialer Mysql database engine Apache Web Server Php Surveyor data capture engine Very small amount of custom code added to link applications together if needed
  4. 4. Cost Advantages Fast Implementation and delivery Scalable to hundreds of agents per server No royalties whatsoever to VARs, ever Tiny Capital expense compared to other applications Tine Operating expenses compared to other applications Real Time Data analysis possible Real time review of complete call center status
  5. 5. Employee/Agent Advantages Mild learning curve Friendly and easy to use interfaces Integrated PC and telephone Restful workers mean better / more calls finished within the time frame Moral boosted via better working environment
  6. 6. Controller Advantages Can eavesdrop any conversation without being heard Can capture screen shots of any surveyor with an add on software Full stats view per agent in real time Full stats view per campaign in real time
  7. 7. Dialer Advantages Per campaign rules Per geographical region quotas support Per time limit quotas support Very easy to use interface ( call next number, call not answered etc. ) Error free dialing , no user input necessary No need for extra CTI layer Easily switched to backup server