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A Survival Guide for Too Much Business Travel


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Business travel is fun. Except when it's not. Here's what made a crazy travel schedule more tolerable for me during the winter and spring of 2011.

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A Survival Guide for Too Much Business Travel

  1. A Survival Guidefor Too Much Business Travel<br />
  2. Traveling rocks!<br />
  3. Except when it doesn’t.<br />
  4. Things that help make it tolerable…. <br />
  5. Hanging with friends.<br />
  6. Seeing virtual colleagues.<br />
  7. Puerto Rican rum. (Thanks, Raul!)<br />
  8. Finding creative places to tuck the mic.<br />
  9. Checking luggage.**(What’s the big deal?)<br />
  10. Taking an iPhone photo as solution to: ‘I think I’m on the 5th floor…. Wait. Maybe not.’<br />
  11. Showing up when no one thinks you will.<br />
  12. An occasional Coke (and a smile).<br />
  13. Not taking things quite so seriously.<br />
  14. Finding the humor in the everyday…<br />
  15. …And being wowed by the ‘Wow’ moments.<br />
  16. Being thrilled by the unexpected.<br />
  17. Seizing respite when you chance upon it.<br />
  18. Charging when you get a chance.<br />
  19. Having someone else do the driving.**(And not just anyone, either. Someone you like a lot helps.)<br />
  20. Surrounding yourself with people who matter.<br />
  21. Finding art.<br />
  22. Never passing up an opportunity to do something you might never have a chance to do again.<br />
  23. Having a few laughs.<br />
  24. Ice cream.<br />
  25. Remembering that sometimes, it’s worth waiting for someone to get back from break.<br />
  26. Resting when you can.<br />
  27. Sampling the local cuisine (and hardware services.)<br />
  28. Connecting with old friends.<br />
  29. Getting chauffeured from the airport.<br />
  30. Making new friends.<br />
  31. The quirky charm of South Dakota.<br />
  32. Food that smokes.<br />
  33. Drinks at one of the oldest pubs in the US. (In Philly. I think.)<br />
  34. Finding the best crepes in the world at an unexpected place.<br />
  35. Looking up.<br />
  36. Chicago pizza.(When the pizza came, I was too busy eating to take a photo. Here’s the graffiti wall instead.)<br />
  37. Philly cheese steaks.<br />
  38. Bar games with colleagues.<br />
  39. Almost anything about London.<br />
  40. Forcing your kids to smile for photos when you ARE home.<br />
  41. And coming home again.<br />
  42. Ann Handley<br />Author, Content Rules<br /><br />Chief Content Officer,<br /><br />Twitter: @marketingprofs<br />